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Park Jung Min went on stage with his featuring artist in the song itself , former Loveholic Vocalist Jiseon in KBS Music Bank on Friday, July 17,2009.

Watch the [HD] video here!

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After more than two weeks since the release of SS501’s first episode of their 20 minute drama MV, the second and third episodes have been released. All three parts contains music from their “solo collection album.” These two episodes contain the songs: “If you Cannot,” “Hey G,” and “Please Be Nice to Me.”

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We reported earlier about SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong lending a helping hand to fellow Boys Before Flowers alumni, Kim Joon’s solo MV, Joon, Be Ok!

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The boys of SS501 were mobbed by overzealous fans on their recent visit to Hong Kong as they tried to exit out of the airport. Deafening high pitched screams of fan girls filled the hallway as security guards attempted to push back the crowd without bleeding from their ears. The boys of SS501 stood back, waited and watched, seemingly a little overwhelmed by the situation. It was so chaotic that if it wasn’t for the SS501 fan signs, I would’ve thought that I was watching a fight instead.

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At 5:01 pm of June 22, 2009, the first episode of SS501‘s new 20-minute long drama MV was released. It’s been a while since the boy band has made a new MV TOGETHER.


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5-member idol group SS501 will release a special album ‘SS501 Collection’ ahead of their first Asian tour opening on 1st August.

And all the teaser videos to each member’s solo song are out by today. 

What is special about this album is that the members will have their solo songs, and with that we have been seeing teaser MVs to each of the members’ solo songs recently – Kyu Jong’s on 15th, Hyun Joong’s on 16th, Hyung Joong’s on 17th, Young Saeng’s on 18th and Jung Min’s on 19th. The full versions to the MVs will be released on 6th July.

All versions to the MVs are out by today.

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Kyu Jong

A new teaser for SS501’s Kyu Jong’s solo act on the SS501 20 minute music video has been released. The song is called “Wuss Up”

See him holding a gun and looking bad ass to him prancing around in dark lipstick and mascara just wasn’t working out for me. Seems like hes selling 2 messages here, 1) I’m a gangster that will take out an asshole. 2) I’m a prancing fairy that will take it up the asshole. I’ll let you guys choose which way of the hole for yourselves.

Hyung Joon

This time up for their trailer release is SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon and in comparison to the other trailers, I’d say he’s running third now after Kyu Jong. The video has the same look to all the rest obviously, except with this one, he has a girl and he looks as vampire-ish as ever.

For you SS501 lovers, some goodies will be included in your purchase: a poster of the boys which was shot in Las Vegas and well as a 20-minute drama-style musical. I’m kind of psyched to see the finished product and hope that it comes out soon and stops all of this teasing…. Stay tuned!

Young Saeng

We’re almost finished! Young Saeng is the next in line after Hyung Joon for his chance in the spotlight with “Memory Without a Name” (이름없는 기억), and of course, they gave the guy in the group with the best voice the ballad song.

As nice as the song sounds, I couldn’t help but pay more attention to the actual video. How different it was from the others, and how Hyun-joong had a larger part then Young Saeng and it’s not even his video! I’m not sure whether to feel happy because it’s… well… Hyun Joong, duh, or to feel bad for Young Saeng because he got jipped!

I’ll go with happy. That was easy.

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