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Source:SS601 + quainte501.com
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SS501 to perform at Asia Pacific Super Modeling Competition

Asia’s most renowned modeling competition cum fashion festival “Asia Pacific Super Modeling Competition” will be held on the 19th this month in Korea. About 33 super models from Korea, China, Japan and Thailand will participate in it. In addition, Korea’s most representative pop stars SS501 =), SJ, Girls’ Generation, etc will perform at the event.

This competition is not just an event in Korea alone. It will also be broadcasted in Japan, China, Thailand and even USA. Furthermore, combining famous sports and fashions brands such as KAPA, ELLE golf and the designers’ fashion show, with the popular stars’ concert, a “fashion festival that is full of love” will be put up.

This 3 and a half hour event will be held in Gyeongbuk Stadium. SBS will broadcast it on the 20th this month at 12.20am.

Credits: TBS Japan + 小麦麦兜 @ doubles501.com + SS5014ever @ quainte501.com

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TBS will be airing SS501’s trip to USA on 25th June, 7:50-8:50pm!!

click here for the info on TBS..i don’t know japanese..so..that’s all i know..haha..perhaps someone who knows can update with more details if necessary? hee

whee! one more program to look forward to! biggrin.gif and that’s a rather nice picture of them!

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SS501 newest

Full Credit : K bites

SS501 will leave for their overseas activities on 30th May (2 days ago).

According to their company, “SS501 will leave for Hawaii America on 30th May for their fanmeeting and promotions and will return to Korea on 4th June.”

It is said that they will also be assigned the public relations ambassadors in Hawaii. After returning to Korea on the 4th, they will fly again on 8th May for Thailand for local promotions.

After their stopover in Thailand, they will also be going to Taiwan and Hong Kong for promotions.

At the same time, they will also be holding concert performance in Japan Tokyo on 13th August, as part of their Asia concert tour.

credit for videos: ratoka27 @youtube.com

Departure 1

Departure 2

Credits : newsen + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

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SS501 will board their flight for Hawaii on 30-May.

SS501 left for Hawaii, USA on 30-May afternoon. They will hold their fan meeting and other promotional activities there before returning on 04-Jun.

SS501 company representative said on 29-May “They will leave for Hawaii on 30-May afternoon. They will also be the ambassador for Hawaii and attend to several other promotional activities.”

SS501 will return on 04-Jun, but will leave for Thailand on 08-Jun once again for their activities there. They also have promotional activities scheduled in Hong Kong and Taiwan, leading them to their busy schedules.

SS501 will hold 2 sessions of performance in Budokan Tokyo on 13-Aug. That will be the concert for SS501’s Asia Tour. To be able to hold a huge concert at Budokan means that SS501 holds a certain position in Japan.

Credits : starnews + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


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Male group SS501 will be flying to Hawaii, USA on 30th to attend an event and through their various overseas activities recently, they leaped one more step towards becoming a world star.

SS501 will depart to Hawaii, USA on 30th to attend an event, and will stay for about 1 week where they would also hold events such as fan meeting and promotional activities. Thereafter, they will also have other overseas schedules in Japan, Thailand, HongKong, Taiwan.

The reason for their visit to HongKong and Taiwan in end July is to promote their Hong Kong and Taiwan concert planned to be held in September and October. In addition to them releasing their official 2nd album in Japan recently, they will be doing their Japan activities along side.

SS501 representative said on 29th “With the release of their album in Japan, they should be doing their promotional activities in Japan. However, with requests for promotional activities in other overseas countries, it is inevitable that they will have their activities in various other countries.”

With that, it is expected that SS501 members will be busy traveling between Korea and other countries. Especially Kim HyungJoon, who is currently a DJ for ‘SS501’s Music High’ at SBS radio PowerFM 107.7Mhz, would be forced to travel between Korea and various other countries.

SS501 will be doing both their group and individual activities along side.

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