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COOL Music 2009 July – SS501 and Chocolate factory

Credits : DSCS.UUSESY.COM (gymcat, CantBeMoved, MurdererQ,—C—CCjulia2186, cite, sherry) @ Quainte501.com


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Credits: KKBOX.com + (English translation) SS5014ever @ quainte501.com


Its been really tiring on fans for SS501’s visit to Taiwan! From buying tickets to the fan meeting to queuing overnight for the charity photo-taking, it has attracted the attention of many media. But there were 5 lucky fans who, within 5 hours of SS501 stepping off the plane, got to take photos alone with the artistes first, and also the chance to give them a present (seems as if someone managed to shake their hands as well!) Here, we must specially thank the record company for their support, letting KKBOX members to enjoy this rare and exclusive present. Holding on to the conscience of a music platform (?), even though we were faced with an idol group, 99% of the questions in the interview were serious (solemn?), but luckily SS501 is indeed the strongest variety-program characters (note: it means something along the line of them being very funny, sorry for the failed translation XD), many interesting footage remain, here we also thank them for giving us such wonderful interview content.

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07/14 [trans] Taiwan Magazine FANS Interview

Credits: FANS magazine (scans credit on pic itself) + (English translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


**Thanks for the scans, I’d be translating this one since i’ve got the magazine myself. ^^

SS501 Loves Fans, HyunJoong Shows Sincerity
SS501 has debut for 4 years and has started to gather much attention in Taiwan this year. In order for the fans here to know them better, SS501 specially came to Taiwan for promotional activities. During the course of interview with our magazine, they displayed their most natural, sincere, easy-going and funny sides of themselves, making me feel greatly about the extraordinary attractiveness of this Korean idol! I will be bringing you the most exciting photos and interview of the fan meeting and commemoration press conference!

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07/13 [trans] Taiwan Magazine COLOR Interview

Credits : Color Magazine July issue (pic credit on pic itself) + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

YES~~ this is free to take with full credits. ^^

SS501 Exclusive Interview, Confession of Secrets!
Exclusive Q&A!
Love’s Discussion – What type of girls would attract them?

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If you want to watch the full show u can watch through megavideo here: http://www.megavideo.com/?d=22Y85SF6

DOWNLOAD full show: MU
uploader: korean_aein @ soompi

sometimes the translation little weird… hemm maybe.. because it was translated from chinese.. but it’s not a big deal…

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TRANSLATION OF 5/23/09 Music High Radio Program host by Kim Hyung joon
Guest: Kim Hyunjoong

Korean-Chinese Credit to: 羊肝庚 from BAIDU SSANGCHOO ISLAND
chinese-english by sammikoo @ joongbo soompi thread

here we go!

Baby: There’s a weird guy sitting beside me, Jihoo Sunbae, wind and sail can bring us to anywhere we wanna go, jihoo sunbae, hornorable fireman

Baby: we took flight back from jeju island except kim hyun joong, who ran back…

HJ: no, i tood the flight back, i am a realistic person

HJ said that baby’s radio hosting is silly, not comparable to jungmin and said he was too restrained, not natural enough, but said that “you would do better going forward”

Baby asked HJ what did he do just now

HJ: just gym, I had some tomatoes at home
Baby: why did u each tomato?
HJ: to keep fit
Baby: is that effective?
HJ: tomato is not fruit, doesn’t have much sugar, isn’t that vegetable? should be good to keeping fit
Baby(to audience): if you wanna have some snacks during night, you should have tomato; regardless of small or large, add some salt, oh no, sugar on it, it would be tasteful. so it’s not good to eat pettitoes


Baby: Recently you have a lot of other activities besides drama(like cf)?
HJ: although very busy, still happy about that. Always think about how to present my best image in front of everyone, also feel a bit burdensome, yet wanna show a handsome and diligent me in front of all everyday.

Baby: Our Leader!Boshida!

Baby: Is it that hard to become friend with ex-gf? just a sigh, how do you think?

HJ: it is very hard, really hard to keep relationship as friend, try to be friend gradually, if it happens that the feeling for each other comes back, should be ok to date again, that’s fine.
Baby: follow ur heart?right?
HJ: yes
Baby: Boshida

Baby: HJ hyung..HJ shi is good at drawing, right?

HJ: Not really
Baby: Not really?
HJ: i’m not good at it
Baby: no, you’ve done good job on that, really
HJ: ok, ok….(stop the topic)
start to play HJ’s <Thank you>


HJ started to play with the light in the studio saying that audience can’t see the face clearly, HJ slightly stroke on baby’s face
Baby: why do you hit me?we’re doing program now! laugh.gif laugh.gif

Baby: in a recent interview you were saying “the stuff you cherish the most is Hyungjoon”?

what kind of question it is? am i regarded as stuff?

;D ;D ;D

HJ: you’re really very adorable/interesting, like something i can carry with to j anywhere, everyday, if you ask me whom I luv the most, that would be my parents, but as for the stuff, should be you

Baby: so i’m like a toy?
HJ: I didn’t say that, ok, i’ll assign you as my personal toy!
Baby: thank you very much

Audience: After BOF, does Hyunjoong shi still keep Yoon jihoo’s image? like the tone? (Baby was kinda laughing secretly)

HJ: Eh?
Baby: not really

HJ: Jihoo?Jihoo was over a long time ago,I am Kim hyunjoong from the very beginning, the popularity of BOF was really extraordinary, a lot of ppl got to know me from Yoon Jihoo and then started to know what kind of person Kim Hyunjoong is, it seems that i should make efforts to set up Kim Hyunjoong image so that ppl can know me better.

Baby: This is how our leader is! although BOF is really very popular, but Kim Hyunjoong shi as the leader of SS501 is very diligent, which makes me, the youngest in the team very glad

HJ:I was asked embarrasing question like which is better, f4 or ss501 in recent interviews as well
Baby: What did u say?

HJ: I always think that before i joined F4, I had been a member of SS501 already
Baby(covered his mouth, pretending crying): really cool!!

HJ: I’ve always been SS501 leader, F4 Yoon Jihoo was just a role that i’ve played at this time, Kim Hyungjoon’s news appereaed (HJ started to play round with baby)

Baby:no, it’s not like that

HJ: not only ss501, we should let ppl know Kim Hyungjoon and what is he doing as well, compared to ss501, Kim Hyungjoon
(Baby: why compared to?)…keeps up with it(Baby: not keeps up with it)

Baby: wanna let ppl know more about Kim hyungjoon’s fascination as individual, but also as ss501, oh, i’m really(HJ laughed: i don’t know, tell the journalists)
Baby: really, all 5 of us are the same
HJ: Yes, please expect a progressional Kim Hyungjoon in 2009!

Baby read audience letter:”My bf’s blood type is B, very controlling, he doesn’t allow me to listen to the program, what can i do?”

Baby: my blood type is O
HJ: I’m B
Baby: yea, arent you B?
HJ: B type is not like this, sure that person is B? not AB?
Baby (to the audience):please retest ur blood

HJ: Bf with blood type B should not be like this, it’s over…
Baby: really?anything wrong?
HJ: B type is very random and free, you should let ur girlfriend alone, it’s nothing wrong to listen to the radio
Baby: yea yea
HJ: Please don’t bother me on this,hope you 2 get along well with each other.

HJ read the letter: Is Hyunjoong oppa really 4-dimensional?

Baby: you can randomly introduce yourself.

HJ: At first, I didn’t like ppl saying that i’m 4th-dimensional, however in WGM
Baby: en en

HJ: Like those 4th-dimensional character,didn’t i get a lot of love from audience becoz of that?

Baby: yes, yes

HJ: ppl think this is my fascination, so i don’t care about that any more, we’re in a 3D world, not 4D, so just take it as 3D is fine.

Baby: got you, professor nim

HJ: I just have that unique fascination, not really 4th-dimensional
Baby: so every audience, did you get that? KHJ shi just has that unique fascination, not 4D, right? that’s fine?

HJ: 4D doesn’t exist.

Audience: wanna eat ramen
2HJ: go ahead and eat!dont starve urself!
HJ: go and eat, you won’t get fat becoz of that!

(up to 27’30”)

from 28’45”, next section (using 10 words to summarize)[I don’t really get the exact meaning, to me, i think just use 10 words to summarize how you think about LOVE?]

Baby: our theme today is LOVE!

30’40” to 31’09”

Baby: (audience) start to look alike with a certain person
if you luv each other, you’ll look alike in appearence, even the characters and from a lot of trivial things are alike each other, right?
HJ: Yea
Baby: yea, haha, yea
HJ (looking at Baby),if you can’t understand it, just pass, don’t try hard to explain, it’s hard for me to pretend that i know it,i kept quiet, didn’t i, so….if i really don’t know…
Baby: ok, i got you(looked at HJ) really…

next audience: beating heart, nervous heart
Baby: love really makes you nervous and make your heart beat (looking at HJ)

next audience:
Baby: (audience) Love to me is clearing up, why? really for the one you love? all the stuff? i dont’ really get it
HJ: which part?
Baby: love is clearing up
HJ: Let me explain to you
Baby: ok, teacher, please
HJ: it means to clear up your heart , let the other one occupy, leave that space empty, that’s what i think
Baby: cooperate with the other, right?
HJ: yes
Baby: really cool!

HJ read the letter: “after knowing ss501, no one really attracts me any more!”
Baby: that’s good
HJ: then i’ll en
Baby: what?
HJ: Give you my present–Hyungjoon!especially for you!

34’20” to 35’27”
HJ: (audience) won’t love those who i’m not gonna marry
Baby: how do you think? dating….
HJ: Yes, that’s really funny, remmeber on Jeju island (Baby:yes, we were 2gether), our manager’s friend invited guests to their wedding reception, they were not that close, just the feeling that they had from the childhood, Bu(he originally wanna said buin), his wife drank and came out, in the morning, when entering the house with the manager, found her drunk….so dating is really necessary (be4 marriage) [I don’t really get the story actually even by reading chinese, so excuse me]
Baby: yea, dating is necessary, right?why you suddently stopped? hyunjoong shi?
HJ: Yes!it’s necessary, i always think dating is necessary
HJ: Divorce was not allowed in ancient dynasty
Baby: so if you love someone, have to continue to love till the very end, forever love

HJ: (audience) “That person should look at me only” (this is a song-i have lover)….wanna sing (to baby)
Baby sang a bit, a bit trot
HJ: Style

Baby: now KHJ shi please tell us in ten words what is love
HJ: KHJ’s 10 words summary of love is –waiting, caring, understanding, clearing up

Baby: thumb up
HJ: should be like that right?

44’34” started to play<I’m stupid> and Yoo Jihoo tone show(omit the translation)

50’25″started to play the new song
54′ song ended

Baby: SS501 <A song for you>, how is it?had fun, right?
HJ: yea, didn’t notice that an hour had already passed
Baby: it’s coming to the end for this 1-hour program, had fun today, right?

HJ: Me 2, danced at 2:00 and had fun, also read a lot of messages from the audience, i was in a good mood, radio is attractive becoz even if you’re not able to see face to face, communicating simply via words is great.

Baby: truly thank you, very last 2 questions,

from 56″

Audience: I’m fishing now, when did hyunjoong oppa go fishing recently?
HJ: Recently, jeju island, several months ago
Baby: did you get a lot of fish?
HJ: as Jeju island was patially closed, we’re not able to go far to the sea, didn’t get much fish, but as long as we catch hyungjoon, it’s fine ^^

Audience: What kind of girls are Hyunjoong shi’s dream girls?listening to your voice before sleep was really great

HJ: My dream girl?should be able to get along with comfortably as friends

Baby: kind hearted
HJ: kind hearted women are not bad, and thanx for saying that my voice is great to listen before sleep, everyone of you who’s substituting my girlfriend, my wife
Baby: yea, wives
HJ: always call the name and say good night before sleep
Baby: that’s really great


Baby said there’s a song recommended by HJ, HJ said no, Baby said yes, HJ said no and Baby apologized happy.gif happy.gif

Baby: so say good night to everyone 1 2 3
HJ: slowly, let’s start
2HJ: Everyone, let’s meet in the dream, good night

stand up and take pix


credit: kimhyunjoong.ipbfree.com

Am I alien?

original in japanese: ぴあ
reposted by: SS601 / cite
translated into chinese: julieann / hyunjoongchina
translated into english: happiebb / bb’s blog

credit: hyun_ki @ kimhyunjoong.ipbfree.com

Am I Alien?

user posted image

Kim Hyun Joong’s Real Self

His near-perfect appearance, coupled with his natural, unassuming and straightforward personality, translates into a boy who embodies the charisma from two polar ends.

He is the leader of the band, SS501, and he’s also the young man who has shone exceptionally through his acting debut in Boys Over Flowers; Kim Hyun Joong who is only 23 years old this year. When we talk about Kim Hyun Joong, there are two main things that people would say about him normally. One is to describe him as the boy with perfect looks, and the other is to call him an ET or 4D (4-dimensional).

Towering at over 180cm, he’s tall and lanky with a near-perfect frame, and his personality is just very interesting, cute and adorable. His thinking and logic are often as hard to read and as unpredictable as aliens. That’s why everyone is used to calling him 4D. This is Kim Hyun Joong whose popularity is near explosive right this moment.

As a singer, he often and quite expectantly gives people the feeling that he’s cool. But when watching him on variety programs, one is often shocked and wonders, “Can he really show others this side of him?”

Kim Hyun Joong is someone who does not hide and is not pretentious. Even the way he wrapped himself in the blanket and just plain refused to get out of bed was a hot talking point, and this alone made him very popular amongst the production team. Because his performance and reactions are so unguarded and natural, and the way he’s not pretentiously coy only serves to make people adore him more.

As the leader of an idol group, he will sometimes show his matured side, and will work hard and not bring trouble to others. But there’re also times when he acts in a self-centred manner. Such a natural and wide-ranging character has also become part of his charm and magic. An influential person in the industry once said, “Although Hyun Joong may look nonchalant and doesn’t care for much, he’s actually full of humanity.”

Although there’re times when his actions baffle everyone around him, and people also worry about his ‘sudden outburst or unexpected reaction’, why then does everyone still like him so much? What is Kim Hyun Joong really like as a person? Let us take a real good look at his real self.


user posted image

Kim Hyun Joong, who is both the leader of SS501 and also an actor…
The up-and-rising star Kim Hyun Joong who has won praises and attention through Boys Over Flower…
Are there worries hidden behind his success?
What, really, is going on?

“Refuse to let anyone look down on me!
I am only focused on acting out the role of Yoon Jihoo…”

In the first half of this year, there’s a drama that every household in Korea knows about, and that’s the drama adapted from the Japanese manga writer Yoko Kamio’s work, Boys Over Flowers that captured the whole of Asia.

Kim Hyun Joong’s role is Rui Hanazawa from F4, Yoon Jihoo (Korean version). His performance won the hearts of the young women of today. But at the beginning when accepting the role, it was really one big challenge, and during that time the majority questioned his ability to handle the role.

So, does Kim Hyun Joong have the determination to really become an actor? This is also one important question.

“Actually I did not have any thoughts (of acting) during that time.” He did not even hesitate to consider when he answered that question.

Then, what was the reason that had caused him to make up his mind, and also to use this acting opportunity to capture the viewers’ eyeballs?

“Actually from the time of my debut, I had never even once thought of acting. It’s just this one lucky chance that made me into (almost) an actor. At that time, I was thinking that since the opportunity is here, so I just decided to show everyone my acting effort that I would try my best to do!”

It was with such a thought that Kim Hyun Joong started his first contact with acting. What’s more his maiden experience in acting had to be this significantly important piece of work (Boys Over Flowers) which had already caused such a storm in Taiwan, Japan and other parts of Asia. For this young man who was first trying his hand at acting, he must have felt a tremendous amount of stress and pressure.

But Kim Hyun Joong said, “I didn’t want people to see the part of me that is not as good, and I ccouldn’t have people look down on me.”

And most importantly, he did not want to see the reputation that SS501 has so painstakingly built up through the years go down the drain just because of his poor acting. At that time, acting was still so unfamiliar to him, he could only digest the script and the lines in the way that he knew best how to, and to give his all to immerse himself into the character.

“I bought two copies of the original manga and placed them in my room; the idea was so that I could read and do research anytime I want. I didn’t want to portray the Rui Hanazawa from the Japanese manga whom everyone is so familiar with. I wanted to add abit of my own magic to create a totally new character.

My thinking was to retain the essence of the original story, but put more heart into showing a Rui Hanazawa who can give up everything and not have a care in the world just because of a woman.

At that time, really, all I wanted was to give it everything I have to do a good job. Although my condition wasn’t very good when we first started filming, but I really didn’t want people to laugh at me, and I was so afraid of being mocked. I was just thinking of all these things during that time, and just didn’t bother about anything else and gave it everything I had and did my best.”

In Boys Over Flowers, Rui (Jihoo) was a quiet man who, at the same time, was so mysterious and hard to comprehend. Whenever his beloved Jandi was in trouble, he would appear right beside her just like the ever-elegant and gallant Prince Charming riding on a white horse, like a prince who would be there just for her. This alone was already enough to capture any woman’s heart. Once they’ve laid eyes on him, it’s not possible to look away, and they would literally suffer from Jihoo-fluenza. ;D ;D ;D

“But in the beginning I was painfully shy and did not dare to act out anything at all. During the first broadcast, I was so shy that I could not watch it with my family. When it was about to air, I hid myself first and watched it on my own (laughs).

At that time, I totally could not grasp and understand the meaning of acting, and I only did it my own way.

Like there was one scene I was supposed to show that I was very angry and had to hit the steering wheel to express my anger. But I did not know how to control my own strength, and ended up using alot of force to hit the steering wheel, so much so that even the the sleeve of my clothes was ripped and torn.”

But it was precisely such training and experience that Kim Hyun Joong slowly developed an interest in acting, and came up with his own style and method in terms of acting.

“This is really a method that I had figured out on my own. At least 20 minutes before the actual acting, I will go and create the space and emotions needed for the character.

And the second thing is that the moment the PD shouts CUT, I have to jump out of the character immediately.

When we’re filming, we don’t always film at the same place all the time, we will move to different places or sets, so this method is very useful when it comes to treating scenes that require different emotions and feelings. And it’s also a very important technique.”

If I do not get rid of Yoon Jihoo,
I too will not be able to grow

user posted image

In order to portray the character Jihoo perfectly, his room was full of the manga books. And in order to act out the different feelings required from different scenes, he has also learnt to slip in and out of character… All these are the effort he’s put in so that he could do better.

But his hard work and effort did not go to waste. Yoon Jihoo has become synonymous with the romantic perfect guy. Nowadays, no matter which generation, all women will say that their ideal type of man is Yoon Jihoo.

Regarding this social phenomenon, what are Kim Hyun Joong’s thoughts?

“To be able to be a part of this drama… that’s absolutely and certainly one very fortunate thing in my life. To have received such love as Yoon Jihoo, I feel very happy and blessed.

But to be honest, Yoon Jihoo is completely different from me! (laughs)

Although there’s some similarity from the aspect of our gentle nature, but I’m more like than man than Yoon Jihoo, more masculine! So i think there isn’t much common ground between us.

And more importantly, Yoon Jihoo is someone who will only appear in Boys Over Flowers, while I’m a real person.”

Kim Hyun Joong, he wants to rid himself of Yoon Jihoo. He said this in a very natural and straightforward manner. “If I don’t rid himself of him, then I too will not grow, and there won’t be any improvement.” He smiled as he was saying this.

To continue to charge forward one step at a time after achieving a certain success, that’s his goal in life. Where’s the source of the motivation propelling him to do things like this?

“O… Actually in my mind, there’re three kinds of entertainment work, music, acting and variety shows. I do not wish to just concentrate on one kind, I hope to do well in all!”

His reply surprised the editors. We know he cares a lot for music and acting, but we did not expect that variety programs too have a spot in Kim Hyun Joong’s heart.

“I really love variety programs. Because I think in music, acting and in variety shows, different sides of Kim Hyun Joong are being shown. I really wish that when viewers see variety programs that I appear in, they will immediately think that so long as there’s Kim Hyun Joong, it will be something interesting.

Even if the camera’s following me and filming me really close, I don’t find it annoying (laughs) Coz I think one is not an entertainer if he/she hates having the camera on him/her. And he/she has also lost the right to be an entertainer. I want to do the work that I’m supposed to do with a happy heart.

I really enjoy signing autographs for my fans. And it’s precisely because I’m popular, that’s why there’re people wanting my autographs, so I think signing autographs is great.

No matter when, I hope to be able to enjoy this kind of popularity, and it’s also doing something good for people who like me.”

My goal is not just to penetrate the world,
I want to become the No.1 star in the universe!

user posted image

Right from his debut, Kim Hyun Joong has already made up his mind to work hard for the fans who like him. But what about Kim Hyun Joong’s inner heart? Aren’t there times when he feels pain or unhappy?

“Of course there will be times like this. When I’m unhappy, I will go to the office to practise my dance. Coz when you’re practising, you will feel that you’re growing and getting better.”

Korean entertainers all like to say this: To work harder and let everyone see a better form.

But these words, when coming out from Kim Hyun Joong’s mouth, come across as unusually real and sincere. Although his expression is still that of nonchalance and looking as though he doesn’t really care, but from his expression, we could see this young man’s true heart. All he wishes for is to make the people who like him, happy.

This Kim Hyun Joong as we know him has already returned to SS501, and they’re planning a series of activities. Not so long ago, they were in Japan to promote the Japanese album All My Love that has just been released in Japan. Next, they will hold a concert in Budokan in Japan, and also to warm up and gear up for their Asian tour.

“Am really looking forward to the performance at Budokan in Japan! Although many people would say it’s still too early for us to go to Budokan, but we absolutely will make this concert a great one, a successful one!

I know we still need to be put in a lot more hard work, like in video, music, stage effects, and also live and stage performance, or even the combination with magic, etc… We wish to hold a very interesting concert.

We want to make it such that friends who come and see us must experience at least one moment that they just can’t take their eyes off the us, or think that the stage effects are really so great… Just one moment of that will be enough.

We will continue to have more exchanges and discussions with the members and the staff to discuss about what we want to present to everyone. But it will definitely be the best…!”

There is no trace of Yoon Jihoo in the Kim Hyun Joong in front of us now; it has been replaced by the leader of SS501. Kim Hyun Joong, his face is full of such confidence. Then, lastly, let us ask him, “What is your goal?”

“Hehe, my goal is not just to become an Asian star. Not even the world. I want to be the No.1 star in the entire universe!!” [biggrin] [biggrin]

This boy… he really is a boy who can make people feel that whatever he says is interesting. What would his next step be?

user posted image

The man of the universe: Kim Hyun Joong!

Let us wait and watch out for more shiny rays to emit from you!

(No matter if it’s music, acting, or variety programs, I want to do them perfectly!)

Kim Hyun Joong’s 4D Test:
Rui Hanazawa (Yoon Jihoo) vs Kim Hyun Joong

user posted image

1. Personality

“He’s not at all like Jihoo…” His co-stars all agreed unanimously. ^_______^

Hyun Joong is different from the calm, steady and quiet Jihoo; he’s always joking at the filming sets, and he’s also the livewire who is the source of laughter and giggles, he’s completely demonstrated his pure and innocent nature.

“I’m a lot more manly than Jihoo..” Hyun Joong himself emphasized this point.

2. Dressing

Jihoo basically dressed in white-coloured clothes that are princely-looking.

But Hyun Joong himself prefers black, and even his bags, etc, are mainly in black as well. Black on him seems to have the effect of letting people know of his existence as a leader.

3. Music

Jihoo is a artsy performer of musical instruments.

Although Hyun Joong too loves music, and can play the guitar, piano, etc, there was once he was supposed to play the guitar in a program, he was perhaps too nervous, so his performance was not really perfect. But everyone still think he’s very cute, ya? That is his charm!

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