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Will release a collection album this month and release 2nd album in July

5-member male group SS501 will hold their 1st ever Asia Tour since their debut.

SS501 who will be releasing their official 2nd album by end of July will start their Asia Tour on 01~02 Aug in Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium, 13 Aug in Budokan Tokyo Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan in October, Thailand in November, Malaysia and Singapore in December.

They performed at Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles at the beginning of May, and went to Hawaii USA with their Japanese fans from 30 May to 04 Jun, the members are filled with busy overseas schedules in June too. From August onwards, they will have their Asia Tour promotion starting with Thailand, then Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

DSPent representative said on 05-Jun “Though the members have went into activities in Japan, this would be the first time that they will perform in other Asia countries. We will increase the countries to include Shanghai China and others, and we are also considering an encore concert in January next year. Performances in Australia and Las Vegas USA are still under discussion and nothing has been confirmed yet.”

Their aim is not to neglect their activities in Korea while having activities overseas.
The collection album which consists of the members’ solo songs will be released, one after another, online on 18-Jun. Starting with Heo YoungSaeng and Kim KyuJong, then Kim HyungJoon and Park JungMin, following by Kim HyunJoong’s solo will be released and they have finished filming their drama-styled music video. One member will be having activities with his solo song.

They will then release their 2nd album by the end of July and their first performance for their Asia Tour will be held in Seoul which will be personalized with their 2nd album showcase.

Their representative added “Currently, SS501’s recognition is rising in other Asia regions, popularity from Kim HyunJoong acting in drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ also adds on to their recognition, we are looking forward to SS501 getting into an even higher position through their activities locally this year.”


SS501 newest

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SS501 will leave for their overseas activities on 30th May (2 days ago).

According to their company, “SS501 will leave for Hawaii America on 30th May for their fanmeeting and promotions and will return to Korea on 4th June.”

It is said that they will also be assigned the public relations ambassadors in Hawaii. After returning to Korea on the 4th, they will fly again on 8th May for Thailand for local promotions.

After their stopover in Thailand, they will also be going to Taiwan and Hong Kong for promotions.

At the same time, they will also be holding concert performance in Japan Tokyo on 13th August, as part of their Asia concert tour.

credit for videos: ratoka27 @youtube.com

Departure 1

Departure 2


Credits : NATE + wikipedia (concert schedule)+ marinastory for english translation if taken out

SS501 has proven their popularity in Japan. In their last event on May 17,2009 , the group held a fanmeeting with their Triple S Japan (TSJ) in conjunction with the release of their 2nd Japanese album All My Love on May 13,2009.

The event was held on TFT Hall – Tokyo which attended by 7000 fans has drew the media attention.

Group SS501 is already gain their recognition in Japan, yet, their leader apearance Kim Hyunjoong in popular drama Boys over Flowers which currently broadcasted by cable TV Mnet Japan has increased the group popularity in the Sakura country.

SS501 will have their First Asia Tour starting Aug’09, which includes countries like Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, etc. Two Asia Tour Concerts has been confirmed, 01 Aug & 02 Aug in Seoul and 13 Aug (1pm & 7pm) in Tokyo. The ticket for Tokyo Concert will be open for public on June 20,2009. Furthermore, SS501 will hold a fanmeeting in HongKong on 01 Jul prior to their Asia Tour.

SS501 is currently busy preparing their Asia Tour , yet, they also participate in singing the Ost for the popular mobile phone brand Anycall for its Season 2 campaign. Their newest single for the Ost titled ‘Play‘ is an upbeat song which has been released on May 20,2009. Group leader Kim Hyunjoong is also one of the endorser for Anycall Haptic Phone.

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