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We reported earlier about SS501 leader Kim Hyun Joong lending a helping hand to fellow Boys Before Flowers alumni, Kim Joon’s solo MV, Joon, Be Ok!

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Credits: cna.com.tw + (English translation) SS5014ever @ quainte501.com

Korea’s top boy band SS501 is finally coming to meet with Taiwan fans! The 5 members, who’re currently growing, eat a lot, through their manager, they expressed their wishes that where ever they go for activities, there will be hamburgers, fried chicken, etc, high calorie food, so that they can replenish their energy anytime.

As it’s their first visit to Taiwan, everyone in SS501 is looking forward to tasting the bubble tea that Taiwan is famous for, and also hope their fans can suggest other special, “must-drink” drinks in Taiwan.

This time, SS501’s visit to Taiwan with an enormous group of personnel, the members, staff and dancers, a total of 22 people, is expected to arrive in Taiwan on the 27th, 11am. The first time coming to Taiwan and meeting fans as well as carrying out promotional activities, the 5 big boys are easygoing with regards to food, only hoping that their food does not contain seasonings such as aniseed, hot pepper, coriander ,etc.

Their management company said, as they’re still growing, in order to let them have enough energy to cope with their many activities, they hope that where ever they go for activities, there will be hamburgers, sandwiches, fried chickens, dumplings, pizza, Hong Kong Dim Sum etc, high calorie food, so that they can replenish their energy anytime, and they also look forward to tasting Taiwan’s famous bubble tea.

With regards to SS501’s fan meeting at Taipei International Convention Center on the 28th, they’re not treating it lightly, and have brought along 4 dancers, they’re expected to sing 6 songs, which includes the Korean dramas which is currently airing in Taiwan, “Deja Vu” and “Lalala…for you”. Also, they’ll be playing games with the fans, giving related products to lucky fans, and come in close contact with their fans.

SS501’s monopolize Taiwan limited edition CD “SUPERHITS!”, “1st SOLO ALBUM” will be released 1 day before they arrive, the album not only comes with Chinese lyrics but also Chinese worded “sing-along”, fans will be able to sing along even if they don’t know Korean. SS501 will leave Taiwan on the 29th, and go on to their next stop – Hong Kong.

*Note: The report really used the word Korean drama, I have no idea why, but I suppose it refers to their MV instead. “Lalala…for you” = “A Song Calling for You”. The reported quoted a kind of pepper but I have no idea what it is in English! =P

Credits: SS601.com + luisa@doubles501.com (Chinese translation) + Feissy @ Quainte501.com (English translation)


News from CYworld about SS501 Solo Collection


YOUNG SAENG: Nameless Memory

Lyrics by: Heo Yong Saeng Composed by: Park Sae Hyeon (Pisces Music INC.) Arranged by: Star Trak (Pisces Music INC)

Yong Saeng’s emotive lyrics meets with composer Park Sae Hyeon’s sad and beautiful melody; creating a melodious ballad. This combination allows you to indulge in the gentle charm of Yong Saeng.



Lyrics by: Kim Tae Wan (aka “C-Luv”) Composed by: Kim Tae Wan Arranged by: Kim Tae Wan, Star Trak (Pisces Music INC)

The producer of Rain’s “Rainism” album, Kim Tae Wan, collaborates with Star Trak team for the first time to produce “Wuss Up”.
Strong rhythmic beats of the song creates the brand new style of Kim Kyu Jong, as we wait in anticipation for a better and stronger SS501.


HYUN JOONG: Please treat me well

Lyrics by: Hwang Song Jae (BBJ Music) Composed by: Hwang Song Jae Arranged by: Hwang Song Jae

Hwang Song Jae is known for having created countless Number 1 hits for many singers. Hwang Song Jae and the BJJ Music team worked tireless in small groups to create a unique song infused with western Pop and R&B singing style.

From structuring of the song, to song arrangement and even selection of instruments for the melody, Kim Hyun Joong was heavily involved in the production of his solo song. Kim Hyun Joong possesses great ambition for producing music. In comparison to his past image in SS501, Kim Hyun Joong now displays a multi-talented image – with focus on his versatility.

source: allkpop


For the people who were keeping track, the last teaser of SS501’s Solo Collection has finally been released. After the release of Kyu Jong, Hyun Joong, Hyung Joon, and Young Saeng’s teasers, it’s Jung Min’s turn.

The teaser for his solo “하면은 안돼… (If You Cannot…)” is finally out. The song is very smooth and nice, something I could definitely hear Shin Hye Sung singing. I suppose that’s a good thing. The teasers look great, and it’s got fans all worked up and excited for the full release of this 20 minute drama-like MV. I’m especially looking forward to see how they will put them together.

Without further adieu, here is Jung Min‘s teaser for “If You Cannot…”. I’ve always thought Jung Min was a cutie, but just something about his nose screams plastic surgery..

via quainte501

Credits : SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


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The teasers for their music videos of popular male group SS501 members (Kim HyunJoong, Heo YoungSaeng, Kim KyuJong, Park JungMin, Kim HyungJoon) solo songs which will be included in their collection album, has been released.

Starting with Kim KyuJong’s solo ‘Wuss up’ released on 15th, Kim HyunJoong’s ‘Please treat me well’ on 16th, magnae Kim HyungJoon’s ‘Hey G’ on 17th, these solo’s teasers were available one by one through online UCC ‘GOM TV’.

The teaser videos that were released captured female hearts with their more refined music and dance.

In addition, their full music video will be first released through GOM TV on 22-Jun at 5pm.

SS501 will release their official 2nd album in end of July and hold their Asia Tour starting from Seoul on 01~02 Aug at Olympic Park Gymnasium Stadium, 13-Aug at Tokyo Budokan, Oct in HongKong and Taiwan, Nov in Thailand, and Dec in Malaysia and Singapore.

Credits : ¾Ø ÁöÁ¶ @ SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Posted by ¾Ø ÁöÁ¶ in SS601.com, below are her conversation with DSP.

I called DSP and here are the details of our conversation.
I don’t know if it’s of any use ;;;

1. The solo songs of the 5 members will be included into one album?
-Yes. All the solo songs would be put together in one album.

2. I saw HyunJoong oppa’s (song) going to be available through cyworld service update, what’s that about?
-HyunJoong’s solo song will be released end of June or early July.

3. I saw that the release date for each song is different, how is that so?
-It will be released one by one

4. I saw in cyworld that wrote ‘Jungmin & HyungJoon’ and ‘KyuJong & YoungSaeng’, if that’s the case, is it a duet song for them?
-No. It is not a duet, but they will be featured in each other’s song. And it is being written like that because the date of release for their songs is on the same day.

5. When would the album be sold?
-The album would be available by end of June at the earliest and early to mid of July at the latest.

6. Is it that the songs would be released first before the album being sold?
-Yes. The song would be released first, then the album would be available for purchase.

7. Please let me know more about the album
-I think that is all that I can tell you at the moment. There will be also 1 song that is sung by all 5 members.

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