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Idol groups ruling 2009
source: allkpop

According to an unidentified Korean music producer, “Other than idols and trot singers, nothing else makes money now. We can thus only concentrate our efforts on areas that make money.” That pretty much sums up the present state of the Korean music industry in recent years.

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Credits: china.ibtimes.com + (English translation) SS5014ever @ quainte501.com

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“Boys over Flower”‘s Kim Hyun Joong has become physically and emotionally tired after hearing news of his grandma’s condition worsening.

Kim Hyun Joong’s grandma underwent a kneecap operation last month but became paralyzed after the operation, Kim Hyun Joong is very anxious after hearing the news and intends to find a lawyer to file a lawsuit.

According to Kim Hyun Joong’s managing company, “Kim Hyun Joong was already very tired while filming “Boys over Flower”, after hearing the news of his grandma’s condition worsening, he has become even more tired emotionally and mentally.”

Kim Hyun Joong is now in Hawaii, USA along with his group SS501, and is scheduled to return to Korea on 4th June.

Pretty boy Kim Hyun Joong: “Grandma, you must get well soon!”
Credits: SS601 + Julieann @ hyunjoongchina.com + (English translation) SS5014ever @ quainte501.com

Kim Hyun Joong’s grandma who became paralyzed after an operation, in his eyes, she is like a mother. Hyun Joong has already decided to hire a lawyer to file a lawsuit to seek justice for his grandma.

“Hyun Joong would go to the hospital to visit and take care of his grandma whenever he has no work scheduled”

SS501’s leader Kim Hyun Joong is recently suffering mentally and emotionally due to his grandma’s illness. It’s a great blow to him as he sees his grandma paralyzed. Recently, whenever he appears on programs or is working, he’ll occasionally look depressed, especially when the camera stops filming, he can be heard sighing softly, causing people around him to feel sorry for him.

Someone close to Kim Hyun Joong said, Hyun Joong’s grandma underwent a kneecap surgery at hospital A in Kangnam but subsequently showed unusual symptoms after the surgery. Apparently there are no family members by her side, so Hyun Joong would go to the hospital to be with her when he has no work scheduled. Grandma would hold his hands and cry, telling him about her pains etc.

It is said that Hyun Joong’s grandma is like his mother, she used to look after him when he was young and his parents were busy with their career, and because young Hyun Joong loved to perform and dance for his grandma, it caused his grandma to dote on her cute grandson even more.

Through his activities with SS501 and “Boys over Flower”, Hyun Joong has become a shining star in the entertainment industry, and a well-known star, and no one is happier for him than his grandma, she is also proud of him. In addition, as it was rumored that Hyun Joong’s constitution weakened and became thinner due to a sudden loss of weight while filming “Boys over Flower”, his grandma specially paid a visit to the set where SS501 was filming their new MV to visit her beloved grandson Hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong has been taking part in SS501’s activities as he didn’t want his family matters to affect SS501’s activities. But ultimately he was dealt a hard blow when his grandma suffered from after-effects of the surgery due to medical mistakes, he is also very angry. This time, Hyun Joong is well-prepared, and intends to hire a lawyer to file a lawsuit to seek justice for his grandma. Although people familiar with the law have pointed out to him that majority of the victims seldom win a case in malpractice suits, Hyun Joong expressed that what he wants is not to win, he simply feels very pained, and so, for his grandma, he is prepared to face what comes next at all costs.

Even though this is a saddening thing, it also fully shows Hyun Joong’s love and filial piety to his grandma. Hyun Joong’s grandma has recently been transferred to another hospital in Gyeonggi-do. And things remain the same for him, visiting his grandma whenever he has no work scheduled.

(SS501) leader Hyunjoong stressed over his Grandma condition
Credit : marinastory

SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong recently feeling depressed & looked gloomy during his activities due to his grandmother ‘after surgery’ condition.

Hyunjoong’s grandmother was admitted to Hospital in Seoul for knee surgery. Yet, after the surgery her condition is worsen and she is showing a paralysis symptoms to her body, so she can’t get off the bed and move her body >_< and she can’t even recognize anyone anymore except leader Hyunjoong among the family member. She is now admitted to other hospital for further treatment.

Now, Hyunjoong is hiring a lawyer and investigating the reason  of his grandmother current condition post the surgery. And if any malpractices are proven to be done by the hospital, Hyunjoong will take legal action on this matter.

Hyunjoong always mentioned how he appreciate and love his grandmother so much, since she’s the one who look after leader since kid during his parents absence for working and he also mentioned how his grandma  proud of him when Hyunjoong gained success in his music career and his drama recently.

Leader Hyunjoong said that he will look after her grandmother the soonest his schedule allows him to do so.

Currently, SS501 is at Hawaii for overseas activities since May 30,2009 and will be back to Korea on June 4th.

SS501 newest

Full Credit : K bites

SS501 will leave for their overseas activities on 30th May (2 days ago).

According to their company, “SS501 will leave for Hawaii America on 30th May for their fanmeeting and promotions and will return to Korea on 4th June.”

It is said that they will also be assigned the public relations ambassadors in Hawaii. After returning to Korea on the 4th, they will fly again on 8th May for Thailand for local promotions.

After their stopover in Thailand, they will also be going to Taiwan and Hong Kong for promotions.

At the same time, they will also be holding concert performance in Japan Tokyo on 13th August, as part of their Asia concert tour.

credit for videos: ratoka27 @youtube.com

Departure 1

Departure 2

Credits : miru@osen.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


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Male group SS501 is the very first idol group to hold a fan meeting in an airplane. This fan meeting holds the meaning of ‘For the love and support to SS501’, and gathers fans from both Korea and Japan, making this event even more meaningful.

SS501 members attended to flight attendant lesson before the event so that they are able to look after their fans’ safety and comfort. They were serious about their lessons from the start till the end, but the lesson was conducted in a joyous atmosphere, learning the bright & warm smile which is the symbolization of a flight attendant, greeting lesson, learning the service of giving drinks in order to provide a pleasant environment, and most importantly learning to do safety demonstration for the passengers’ safety.

After their flight attendant lesson, Kim HyunJoong said showing his responsibility “If there would be any real emergency to happen on board, I would evacuate the fans first and I will be the last to get off.” SS501 members chose Park JungMin as ‘Member who will do the best in providing service on board’ and Kim HyungJoon was choen for ‘Member who will do the worst in providing service on board’.

5 members of SS501 are split into 2 teams, flying from Kimpo-Jeju and KimHae-Jeju. They personally checked the safety belts, doing safety demonstration, serving drinks for their fans. Their transformation into flight attendants will be broadcasted through Mnet ‘SS501’s Romantic Sky’ on 02-Jun at 6pm. ‘SS501’s Romantic Sky’ has a total of 3 episodes, airing every Tuesday at 6pm starting from 02-Jun.

real post date: Tuesday May 12, 2009 Taiwan


The Korean version of <Meteor Garden> broadcasted its first episode on Sunday with an average rating of 1.33%, which is only one fifth of <My Queen>’s. Ethan Ruan defeats Korean F4, making Korea’s <Meteor Garden> lose in the battle between Taiwan and Korea. Fans are trying hard to help promote <Boys Over Flowers> on the web, while criticizing CTV for cutting too many scenes, horrible Mandarin dubbing, and switching insert songs, making <Boys Over Flowers> lose its original flavor.

It’s not the first time the dubbing has been criticized when Korean dramas are broadcasted in Taiwan. Although the dubbing is to service the majority of viewers, due to cultural differences, the Mandarin dubbing often hinders viewers from getting into the drama. Viewer, Jen says, “Lee Min Ho’s sexy and raspy voice is gone…Jan Di’s voice sounds fake, and isn’t the voice dub for Kim Hyun Joong too girly?”

In addition, the insert songs are different from the original broadcasted version in Korea, which has lead to big disapproval from the audience shouting out, “No feel”. A netizen wrote, “I’m very disappointed after watching the first episode. I think this is too much. I was already very upset with the fact that it’s dub, but I never thought that they would also change the insert songs as well.” The viewers are also questioning as to why the scenes where Goo Joon Pyo was picking out shoes and when the three students were sent to pull a prank on Geum Jan Di after being beaten with golf sticks were cut.

In regards to the netizens’ protest, CTV expresses that what they broadcasted was what was given to them by GTV. They did not make any edits or switch insert songs.

GTV explains that the overseas version of Korean dramas are often not the same as the original, and that they have really not made any edits to the episodes.

Source : UDN

credit: SS501 Kim HyunJoong forum @ crunchyroll.com

source: Official site

credit: Taliana @ kome-world.com


SS501 will hold an Asia tour, which will kick off at the beginning of August. SS501 1st ASIA TOUR will begin in Seoul, Korea, on the 1st and 2nd of August. The tour will then move to Japan, where they will hold two performances on the 13th at the Budokan in Tokyo. This concert will celebrate the group’s fourth year of activities.

Tickets for the Seoul concerts are not yet on sale, but the pre-sale will be announced soon. For the Japan concerts, pre-sale tickets for fanclub members began on May 12th. The sale date for the remaining tickets will also be announced soon.

Kim Hyun Joong has been infatuated with dancing while preparing for the Asia Tour concert starting in July. He and SS501 other members had returned to Korea from a one week long trip to LA, after performing for the Hollywood Bowl concert. During the performance in LA, Hyun Joong had met and consulted new dance moves from a famous dance group. Although the duration of meeting was short, he managed to practise and learn some of the well-known American style dance moves.

SS501’s entertainment company said, “The moment Hyun Joong returned back to Korea, he immediately starts to practise dancing in the dance studio on 14th morning. During the period when he went to Japan for Boys Before Flowers fan meeting, he also paid special attention to Japanese style of dancing.”

Kim Hyun Joong explained that the reason for him paying close attention to the different styles of dancing was so that he could demonstrate a variety of dance movements, different from what he used to dance, during the Asia Tour Concert, which starts from South Korea, and proceed to Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and other Asian countries.

After the recent release of SS501 second japanese album, All My Love, SS501’s official activites in Japan are also approaching. Because the activities and public performances are just around the corner, Hyun Joong expressed that he is very nervous. SS501 will return to Korea on the 18th to continue with their promotional activities for their album, All My Love, and prepare for their oncoming concert.


Credits: ss601 –> (chinese subs) Ò¶×ÓÆ®¹ý@hyunjoongchina.com –> (english subs) ss501always@quainte501.com

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