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credits : yesasia.com + Quainte501.com

SS501 – Collection (CD+DVD) (First Press Limited Edition) (Taiwan Version)

After a busy year of acting, solo and unit activities, and overseas promotions, Korean boy band SS501 are back as a five-member group for their new K-pop mini-album Collection. This time they’re working separately but together to present a collection of five solo tracks that showcase each member’s talent and charisma. Fans get to see and hear new sides of the members through leader Hyun Joong’s edgy R&B dance track “Be Nice to Me, Please”, Young Saeng’s beautiful self-penned ballad “Nameless Memory”, Kyu Jong’s light and energetic urban pop song Wuss Up, Jung Min’s emotional mid-tempo ballad “If You Can’t”, and Hyung Jun’s sexy dance number Hey G. Collection ends with the group song “I Won’t Be a Coward”, which was previously included on the Japan Version U R Man album. SS501 also shot a sensational 20-minute blockbuster-style music video that brings the songs and members together for a thrilling musical story in which Hyun Joong, Jung Min, and Kyu Jong play rival killers!

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dvd baroe

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Popular Idol Group SS501 will release a special DVD on July 15,2009.

The DVD will be about their last Fan Meeting on Nov 15,2008  ‘2008 SS501 SHOWCASE with TRIPLE S ‘ at Olympic Park Fencing Stadium, and it will also include ‘URMAN’ MV Making alongside other variety of content.

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SS 501 U.R.Man Special 2disc / 40p fan meeting mini photobook included

Price : 27,500won

Release date : 2009.07.10

Product details :
SS501 !! Enjoyable time with 6,000 over fans!
DVD released!
Powerful special stage by the 5 men in 2008!

2008. 11. 15
“SS501 Showcase with Triple S” fan meeting no-cut FULL VERSION included
First release of leader Kim HyunJoong’s “Thank you” live version
Park JungMin’s musical Grease “Sandy”
SS501 project group “U R MAN” very first performance!!!
Changed into men, YoungSaeng, HyungJoon, KyuJong’s solo special stage
Special history MAKING FILM of SS501 project album activities.
Specially included SS501 hit song ‘A Song Calling for you” MV making!! NO CUT version at the filming scene now released!
Special PHOTOBOOK (about 40 pages)

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26th June SS501’s 1st release part 1 – Monopolizing Taiwan CD!!
First compilation album with 13 chart-topping tracks
2009 newly filmed greetings for Taiwan fans + New interviews with Chinese subs DVD
1st edition 2nd gift:
Limited 1st edition luxurious packaging, specially designed for Taiwan fans
Own the revelation of the 5 member’s secret profiles!! 30 page photobook with chinese lyrics
(*note: from the replies of the cd shop, chinese lyrics = korean pronounciation represented with Chinese words…. =X)

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