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SS501’s Special Message – All My Love Album



Credit: hoonfami @ youtube.com

This is SS501’s latest Album (Japanese Version) All My Love. This album just out and many of you want to hear it. ^^ But it’s better for you buy their album than just download. Please don’t download it if you can buy their album!

You can order it at yesasia.

SS501 - All My Love (Japanese Version)

SS501 - All My Love (Japanese Version)

 Released on May 13, 2009
01. メッセージ
02. Mermaid…
05. Get along
06. Promise to Promise
07. Believe in Lov
08. Let’s Break Away
09. Time of Destiny
11. 浅い夢の果て
12. トラベラーグライダー
13. All My Love

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Kim Hyun Joong has been infatuated with dancing while preparing for the Asia Tour concert starting in July. He and SS501 other members had returned to Korea from a one week long trip to LA, after performing for the Hollywood Bowl concert. During the performance in LA, Hyun Joong had met and consulted new dance moves from a famous dance group. Although the duration of meeting was short, he managed to practise and learn some of the well-known American style dance moves.

SS501’s entertainment company said, “The moment Hyun Joong returned back to Korea, he immediately starts to practise dancing in the dance studio on 14th morning. During the period when he went to Japan for Boys Before Flowers fan meeting, he also paid special attention to Japanese style of dancing.”

Kim Hyun Joong explained that the reason for him paying close attention to the different styles of dancing was so that he could demonstrate a variety of dance movements, different from what he used to dance, during the Asia Tour Concert, which starts from South Korea, and proceed to Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and other Asian countries.

After the recent release of SS501 second japanese album, All My Love, SS501’s official activites in Japan are also approaching. Because the activities and public performances are just around the corner, Hyun Joong expressed that he is very nervous. SS501 will return to Korea on the 18th to continue with their promotional activities for their album, All My Love, and prepare for their oncoming concert.


Credits: ss601 –> (chinese subs) Ò¶×ÓÆ®¹ý@hyunjoongchina.com –> (english subs) ss501always@quainte501.com

These are videos about SS501’s Photoshot for All My Love from youtube.



credit: hoonfami @ youtube.com



The five members of SS501 are back together to launch their activities in Japan.

Until recently, the members had been busy with their separate activities: Kim Hyun Joong was filming “Boys Over Flowers,” Park Jung Min was appearing in the musical “Grease,” and Kim Hyung Joon, Kim Kyu Jong and Heo Young Saeng performed under the name “Triple S.”

SS501’s second Japanese album, which is slated for release on May 13 and entitled “All My Love,” shows off a more mature side of the members’ vocal skills.

All 13 songs included in the album are performed in Japanese. The new album contains a song that sends a message of hope to a loved one; the ballad “Mermaid,” performed by Park Jung Min; the single “Lucky Days,” which entered the Oricon weekly chart last year, and “Get Along,” which was strongly recommended by the CEO of SS501’s agency, DSP Media.

The title track, “All My Love,” had drawn the spotlight even before the album’s release because it is SS501’s first a capella song. Park Jung Min said he and his band mates doubted their ability to perform the song when they first heard about it, but at the same time they believed they had to try it. Kim Hyung Joon, the leader of SS501, said the group practiced hard to perfectly convey the warmth of the song.

On May 17, SS501 will hold a handshaking event for its fans at the TFT Hall in Tokyo to mark the release of its new album and arouse interest in it.

On August 13, the group will hold two concerts at the Budokan Hall for the first time as part of its Asian concert tour.

source: KBS

credit: Titanic @ ss501daily.com

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