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I need rule to make all of you not leak out my stuffs, which the copyright is not all mine, any where you want. This is just written rules, so I don’t have any power to stop you guys. This is test for yourself, your moral and how you respect others. Here is the rule:

1. CREDIT when you taking out my stuffs <such as pictures and photos> (credit: byeolbic @ wordpress.com)

2. CREDIT when you taking out my posts <news, videos> (use the same credit as I have used).

And also there’s some notes:

1. I use .zip and .rar for some of my files.

2. For videos, I will embed it from the source.

3. Links that are broken, won’t be able to re-upload as I don’t have the files anymore and if I have the files, I will re-upload.

4. You need password for the post title: SS501 – All My Love. I don’t want all of you just download it as you like, this is ther latest album. If you want to download it, please leave a comment here and give me your email or just email to: byeolbic@live.com. Please write down, why you need to download it. Thank you. ^^

5. I can’t reply all of the comments all the time… I don’t have so much time to do it in my hand now.

That’s all. Thanks for your understanding. ^^

3 Responses to "Read me"

me? maybe because they were together again after became the Triple S?
Moreover, it is been quite a while they sing Japanese song.
Is it satisfied you
I’m only a high school student cant effort all these album
My parent don’t want to me to buy besides, they hate me to buy their albums.
Thank you for sharing the link.
U will help me a lot
Thanks is all I can say

I have send the password to your mail. ^^

nega mongul sari imnida ok nege saranhe ss501 kkkkk

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