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I don’t know if anyone anticipated me to comeback or not. But sorry to say this:

I will not post anymore in here.

I will post the news related with SS501 on my new blog, and there will be some news about other groups, but limited to groups I like and the posts I have interest in. The name is Speak Out GalZ!! (click the blog name to go)

But for your information, I will only put the news or info which I think are important, all diary and message (such as TOKTOK) will be post as long as there’s someone translate it and he or she gives permission to be posted on the other website.

Thank you for all your support until now. There are 60,840 hits to this blog, and I really thank all of you who gave comments here. And this blog will be remained here, I will not close it (delete it). So the all posts will still be here. You can read it again if you want to. ^^ Once again: Thank you very much~

Keep support SS501!!


[edited and updated: 2010, 8th May]


Due to my last grade at high school, I need to prepare and study morefor final exams. I don’t have many times to post the news and informations of SS501. I will do the posting once or twice a week not post for long time. So this blog will be in hiatus and will be back at 2010, about May or June. I really am sorry can’t be with you for about 1 year. I will miss this blog and all of you, although it’s only for 4 months. Gbu always… I will never forget you and I will definietly be back!!

You still can get the news and informations from these website:

1. quainte501
2. allkpop
3. K Bites
4. marinastory

Thanks for your understanding and support. Keep on support and enjoy this website!! ^^

P.S.: Thanks guys, for your comments! ^^ Although this blog is on hiatus. Will be back soon,, 3 months more and my final exams will be finished! Miss this blog so much >.<

Ur Sincere,


* ~ Starlight Forever ~ * will be hiatus, not so long. Only three days, begin tomorrow.
I will go with my friends and there’s no computer or laptop unless someone bring it.
But even if there’s laptop or computer, I don’t think that there will have any internet connection.
So this blog will be hiatus for those three days.

If you want to know the news come to these site, there’s a site which you have to sign up:
1. quainte501
2. allkpop
3. K Bites
4. marinastory


This is only for 3 weeks, begin next week.. ^^
I will post once in two days. This is due to my school activity, I will have my final tests and I need preparation.

Please be understanding.. but I will post every day if I can bear all those preparation and test.
Thank you! ^^



Of course everyone want to know what I will write and put in this blog. As I have said in my first post, I will not make this blog like a diary but also sharing my stuffs here. Especially about SS501 which is my favourite boyband. I will share their songs and videos, also their latest news ! But please.. if you like these things (videos and songs), support them by buying their original albums. It will be very nice of you! ^^

I will start put my stuffs in the next post. I can’t guarantee that I will post every day and every week. I have my own life and I’m still in high school now, so many works and tests. ^^ I will do my best!!


byeol bic (별빛) is refer to starlight… ^^ When I made this, I remembered about a song which is called Starlight Tears (Korean Song which is called in English). I like stars, many of them spread in the sky at night. They give a litlle light, to light the night path.

Actually this blog has nothing related with the name. This is just a blog for me to share what I like, and some of my grumbles when I am in a bad mood. It’s not like just diary, this blog will contain my likeness. There will be songs and videos in here. Just wait for it.. ^^

Thank you,, just enjoy it!


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