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About me…

Before hand, I will introduce myself. It is impolite not to tell who I am, isn’t it?

music girl...

music girl...

byeolbic is my nickname in here, just like the meaning, don’t know why.. (^^) Starlight is like something small sparkling in the night sky. Although star is small, but it gives light to the earth not from anyone else but from itself.

SS501 - Le Coq Sportif

SS501 - Le Coq Sportif

I am a fan of SS501, and so there will be many stuffs about them in here. I don’t own anythings of them, but all things I post here is my stuff which I downloaded from other source and some of them are from the things I bought. I will also put their news, but only the recently one which I found. I will never post the old news. 

I always put ‘-b-‘ in my last post (especially by me), it is refer not to my nickname in here but my real name. You can call me Kaori or Bella if you want, these are my nickname which I use for my other blogs. If there’s someone who know me, I will appreciate them if they don’t leak it out, it’s still my privacy not to let anybody know it. When I feel I want to tell you, I will tell you wothout hestitation.

Because I will post my stuffs here, please read the rules and notes!

2 Responses to "About me…"

hi, im eunee..nice to meet ur blog..i am ss501 fan too..i hope we can be a friend..my fav is sengie.. i hope u can contact me..

nice to meet you too.. ^^ sorry for the really late reply.
I haven’t open the comments for long. And just notice there are so many.
My fav. is Sangie too. XD

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