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[info] Hiatus for Long (updated on 7th February 2010)

Posted on: July 25, 2009

Due to my last grade at high school, I need to prepare and study morefor final exams. I don’t have many times to post the news and informations of SS501. I will do the posting once or twice a week not post for long time. So this blog will be in hiatus and will be back at 2010, about May or June. I really am sorry can’t be with you for about 1 year. I will miss this blog and all of you, although it’s only for 4 months. Gbu always… I will never forget you and I will definietly be back!!

You still can get the news and informations from these website:

1. quainte501
2. allkpop
3. K Bites
4. marinastory

Thanks for your understanding and support. Keep on support and enjoy this website!! ^^

P.S.: Thanks guys, for your comments! ^^ Although this blog is on hiatus. Will be back soon,, 3 months more and my final exams will be finished! Miss this blog so much >.<

Ur Sincere,


1 Response to "[info] Hiatus for Long (updated on 7th February 2010)"

I love double s very much. Always wanna be together with 5 guys.Forever be together and always supporting for more albums and songs………

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