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07/14 [trans] Taiwan Magazine FANS Interview

Posted on: July 16, 2009

07/14 [trans] Taiwan Magazine FANS Interview

Credits: FANS magazine (scans credit on pic itself) + (English translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


**Thanks for the scans, I’d be translating this one since i’ve got the magazine myself. ^^

SS501 Loves Fans, HyunJoong Shows Sincerity
SS501 has debut for 4 years and has started to gather much attention in Taiwan this year. In order for the fans here to know them better, SS501 specially came to Taiwan for promotional activities. During the course of interview with our magazine, they displayed their most natural, sincere, easy-going and funny sides of themselves, making me feel greatly about the extraordinary attractiveness of this Korean idol! I will be bringing you the most exciting photos and interview of the fan meeting and commemoration press conference!

Nickname : Cow, Dog
Birthdate : 1986. 06. 06
Blood type : B
Height : 180cm
Weight : 68kg
Hobby : Swimming, Soccer, Gym workout, Basketball
Specialty : Piano, Dance, Guitar
Things that he hates : Insects, Birds
Motto : You only live once
Animal that you describe yourself as : Lion
Family members : Grandmother, Father, Mother, Elder Brother, Myself
Idol : Seo Tai Ji (Legendary Rock Singer in Korea)
Part which you are most satisfied of : Eyes
Something that you must do before sleeping : Bathing
Method for relieving stress : Traveling
Things that you bring in your bag : iPod, Contact Lenses, Wallet, Mobile Phone
Thing that you do most seriously : Work
Favorite color : Black
3 wishes :
1. Become a world-class, universal star
2. Gathering fans from all over the world and hold a free concert for them
3. After which, to live a peaceful and happy life

 ? Are there any similarities between yourself and Yoon JiHoo in ‘Boys Over Flower’?
HyunJoong: Kim HyunJoong and Yoon JiHoo are totally different. The role in the drama is an ideal prince! (The other members shouted : HyunJoong is a 4th-dimensional person.)

New record for most number of activities
On 27-June, SS501 started their busy schedules in Taiwan not long after they got off the plane. This is also the first time in history for a Korean artiste coming to Taiwan with so many activities to attend to, which we can see how sincere and how much they value their fans in Taiwan. Not only are the Taiwan fans touched by this but I am also being touched a little. The media took turns to interview them in a conference room at Warner Music. FANS magazine was originally scheduled to interview at 4.30pm but it was delayed a little as the boys were extremely friendly towards Taiwan media and answering to all questions given to them. Our magazine interview started only at 5.30pm, but the wait was worthwhile, why? Hehe! Read on and you’ll find out!

First Impression is Friendly & Courteous
I was wearing a yellow long-top on that day. The moment when I stepped into the conference room, I saw 5 big boys politely saying “Welcome” in Chinese and applauded (I’d give an additional 5 marks to them for this. Friendliness is 100%)! In order to help the readers of FANS magazine to win over the hearts of SS501, I immediately praised them that they’re very handsome in person. I also introduced myself as “Miss Banana”. Maybe I was seen being too hyper from the beginning, and it triggered off the ‘deviated and funny’ 30-minute interview!

Wants to Marry a Taiwanese Wife
Firstly, the first question that I asked was “Which type of girl does SS501 think is the most suitable to be marry?” HyungJoon answered first “Taiwanese girls!” JungMin teased him and said “That’s a lie!” HyunJoong, KyuJong and YoungSaeng agreed with HyungJoon saying “Yes, Taiwanese girls are very enthusiastic which we’ve experience it immediately after landing here!” And JungMin refusing the admit defeat said “I am the one who love Taiwanese girls the most!” And even used perfect English to say “I love Taiwan!”

 ? The most memorable, most unforgettable thing since debut?
HyunJoong: When we won the best newcomer award in Korea a few years ago, I was very happy as I felt that we received the recognition from everyone. I hope that we can share our joy with Taiwan fans promptly whenever we win an award in the future.

KyuJong: During SS501’s debut stage, and the first time when I see our group name appearing everywhere. These are memorable to me. And my nervousness for this first visit to Taiwan will also be unforgettable for life to me.

HyungJoon: Our 100 days of debut is memorable to me.


Nickname : Otter
Birthdate : 1986. 11. 03
Blood type : O
Height : 178cm
Weight : 63kg
Hobby : Online gaming, Basketball, Listening to music
Specialty : Piano
Animal that you describe yourself as : Bear
Motto : Always smile to live your life
Family members : Father, Mother, Myself
Idol : Seo Tai Ji
Part which you are most satisfied of : Shoulders
Habit that you would like to change : Not able to speak well
Things that you bring in your bag : Waller, iPod
Thing that you do most seriously : Singing
3 wishes :
1. Hope to earn lots of money
2. SS501 and my name to be known all over the world
3. Be able to think more carefully


YoungSaeng, KyuJong Likes Girls who are Virtuous
After some bickering among the members, rational leader HyunJoong saved me (I’m really so thankful) and quickly brought them back on topic. They answered seriously “I like girls who are like friends to me.” YoungSaeng continued “The girl I like must definitely be good at cooking and knows how to clean up, tidying up the place.” KyuJong said “I like girls who can cook! And I hope my future wife will be good to me as well as to my family.”

Cheeky JungMin Teasing Reporter
I thought I was going to go on to the next question, but JungMin started to continue talking about his criteria of choosing his wife in a “serious” manner. I never expected this as the beginning of being teased by him! JungMin intentionally spoke in a serious manner “I like girls who are dark-skinned, very confident and her hair tied up. Gold is a rather out-dated color in Korea, so if a girl chooses to use this color, that means that she is very brave. I admire girls who are brave. In addition, girls who wear jean, it shows their figure the best! The last criteria is that I like girls who can show her charm by wearing a yellow clothing, haha.”

Humorous and Funny, Everyone Laughs Out
After JungMin finished his speech on ‘Choosing a wife’, SS501 members and the staff were almost rolling around in laughter. The sound volume is almost blowing off the conference room. And at that moment, all the people’s eyes were on me, so embarrassing! Let me admit to all of you who were not here~ What JungMin had listed was exactly what I’ve worn that day and my natural skin tone. He is really cheeky to be teasing me like that! Anyway this incident made us discover SS501’s humor unexpectedly, and their initiative to integrate with others.

Topic on Love Confession Continues On
Keeping the motto of FAN magazine ‘Helping fans interact with idols’ in mind, I will be tossing aside ‘reporter’s baggage’ temporarily in the upcoming interview time, and continue to be a ‘comedian’ with JungMin to continue on with the topic! I said to JungMin intentionally “Since you have confessed to me, then come home with me tonight!” A roar of laughter came when SS501 heard this. I continued to ask JungMin “How is it? Are you having cold feet?” JungMin said “The progression is too fast! Will you marry me?”

? Exposing of Secrets of Other Members?
HyunJoong: I think YoungSaeng is more of a 4th-dimensional person among us. Once I was at his house and when we started talking about more emotional stuffs, he suddenly ran into the room and lit some candles. He even forgot that he lighted the candles and almost burned the house. Haha.

YoungSaeng: Every time we rode on our company car, JungMin likes to sit in the front passenger seat. There was once he saw our company car in front and raced towards it, I don’t know what he is trying to do~ (JungMin explained: I raced towards it because I felt that I can run as fast as a car!)

JungMin: HyungJoon always wear his underwear in a bath, I don’t know what’s so mysterious about it. KyuJong’s chest line along the collar bone is very deep because he exercises frequently. (Thus KyuJong began to demonstrate the exercise that enhances the chest line~)

HyungJoon: There was once when I wanted to wake JungMin up, but realized that he had disappeared. He is actually hiding under the blanket eating! (JungMin explained: It feels very cozy to eat under the blanket. He even promise with everyone to try eating like this.)


Nickname : Praying mantis, Gorilla, Prince
Birthdate : 1987. 02. 24
Blood type : A
Height : 181cm
Weight : 65kg
Hobby : Listening to music, Reading, Basketball
Specialty : Magic
Something you fear most : Fear of heights, fear of taking plane
Motto : Challenge with no regrets!
Family members : Father, Mother, Younger sister, Myself
Idol : Rain
Part which you are most satisfied of : Left hand
Something that you must do before sleeping : Brush teeth
Method for relieving stress : Traveling alone
Things that you bring in your bag : Disposable contact lenses
Thing that you do most seriously : Recording, Learning dance
Favorite color : Used to be yellow, like blue these days
3 wishes :
1. Hope that SS501 can expand to all of Asia
2. Music industry in Korea to restore to its good old times
3. Making a movie


HyunJoong Sighs There Is No Day Off For Leader
My second interview question is: “What does SS501 want to do during your day off?” Leader HyunJoong said solemnly “Day off…eh…there is no day off for leader.” Cheeky JungMin replied “Go get married when there is a day off!” Ahh~ Why does the old topic comes up again? I, who is determined to be a comedian for this interview, cannot lose to JungMin. So I asked the other members if they wanted to attend to JungMin’s wedding during their day off. SS501 broke into laughter and agreed in unison that they would most definitely attend to JungMin’s wedding together during their day off.

Hope to be Overseas Volunteers Together
When our topic was deviated previously, it was SS501’s leader who stepped in to save it. This time, it was KyuJong who brought the topic back on track, he said “If we have a chance to go on leave, we would like to go travelling with 5 of us together.” HyungJoon said “I would like to go to Iraq, to do volunteer work there with our members, helping the people in need. Because SS501 has received a lot of love so we would like to return our favors to the society.” YoungSaeng on the contrary, likes Taiwan very much and would like to return here for a holiday.

5 of Them Sees Each Other Almost Everyday
I am a little taken aback that SS501 members want to be together even in their day offs though they have been already seeing each other so frequently at work! Won’t they feel sick of each other when they see each other so frequently? Or that a holiday wouldn’t feel like a holiday at all when all members attended? Leader HyunJoong said “Frankly speaking, we are really seeing each other almost everyday. About 360 days out of the 365 days in a year. Rather than saying ‘feeling sick of’, if we don’t see each other, we would feel weird or not used to it, that is because 5 of us are one.”

HyungJoon Worked Part-Time at Steak House
During their promotional activity in Taiwan, it is the summer holiday here, so is it usual for Korean students to work part time during their holidays? What are the working experiences that SS501 has prior to debut? Leader HyunJoong said “It is normal for Korean students to work part-time too. They would deliver newspapers or be a waiter in restaurants just like Taiwan students.” HyungJoon worked at a steak house before, and JungMin softly exposed “He was fired because he skipped work!” So HyungJoon turned to him and stared at JungMin who spouted the nonsense, giving him a warning with his stares, while JungMin pinched HyungJoon on his back.

? What does a girl does to be able to attract you?
KyuJong: I am afraid of dogs, so any girl who doesn’t bring a dog out would attract me. Keke.

HyunJoong: A girl wearing a hat sitting on a mat under a banyan tree during summer, early autumn would attract me.

YoungSaeng: A girl who is biting on an elastic band about to tie her hair, would attract my attention the most. (YoungSaeng demonstrated this action on the spot.)

JungMin: A girl who is enthusiastic like me, able to sway along with the music.

HyungJoon: A girl who cooks and feeds me.


Nickname : Turtle
Birthdate : 1987. 08. 03
Blood type : O
Height : 181cm
Weight : 66kg
Hobby : Listening to music, Online gaming, Working out
Specialty : Writing lyrics, composing, singing, dancing, swimming, golf, horse-riding
Favorite animal : Rabbit, Puppy
Motto : Don’t be comfortable with current, work hard to advance further!
Family members : Father, Mother, Younger brother, Myself
Idol : Justin Timberlake
Part which you are most satisfied of : Waist, Lips
Method for relieving stress : Sing to heart’s content, Going to beach, Going for a drive
Things that you bring in your bag : iPod, Album, Training outfit
Thing that you do most seriously : Taking care of family members, singing, dancing
3 wishes :
1. Hope that SS501 can have successful activities in Taiwan and all of Asia in 2009.
2. New album be well-liked by everyone.
3. Everyone be healthy.

Truth Ranking
1. Ranking of members who loves looking into the mirror?
YoungSaeng : HyungJoon, JungMin, me, HyunJoong, KyuJong

2. Who is the most different on and off screen?
JungMin : HyungJoon, YoungSaeng, KyuJong, HyunJoong, me

3. Who is most petty?
HyungJoon : Me, JungMin, YoungSaeng, KyuJong, HyunJoong. (HyunJoong being the last in petty ranking, he must be the most generous one, he said “As long as someone instigate me to buy (dinner), I would pay for it.”)

4. If Kim HyunJoong is a female, the ranking of the members that you would like to date?
HyunJoong : YoungSaeng, KyuJong, me, JungMin, HyungJoon. (Hah~ this ranking seems to be directed to HyungJoon!)

KyuJong Worked At BBQ restaurant, String Meats Together
KyuJong’s experience of working part time is in relation to food. He worked at a BBQ restaurant before, stringing pieces of chicken meat together. He said “I had to put 3 pieces of chicken meat together in one stick putting an onion between the meats, and I had to do that every day when I worked there.” The hyper-active JungMin cuts in and said “Ah~Why do I feel that KyuJong is still doing this job now, it is like I smelt the BBQ smell here~” And YoungSaeng has not much experience of working part time, he indicated that he has only worked in a convenient shop before. JungMin’s mother was “yakult mother”, selling yakult on her motorbike, and the filial JungMin helped his mother by promoting the advantages of drinking yakult.

The One & Only Secret Among Members
SS501 has been together for a few years now, are there anything that happened among yourselves which is not known to others? Leader HyunJoong said “Everyone has been together for a long time, there is no secret which can be kept from each other.” However, when we talked about topic on hot spring, JungMin disclosed a secret of HyungJoon unexpectedly “Even though our members have known each other for 5 years, but HyungJoon is still not willing to bathe or soak in hot spring with the rest. Thus, ‘HyungJoon’s naked body’ should be the biggest secret among SS501 members. Anyway, this is still a puzzle among us.”

Little Touching Events Happening Everyday
Have SS501 done anything that is touching for the other members? These guys started to crush on their heads when they heard “touching”, JungMin jokingly requested “Everyone cry now!” Then the rational leader jumped out to say “Everyone is leading a normal life, there is nothing particularly touching that happened. However, every little thing in life may make us feel touched. For example, when the weather is hot and a member taking a drink for me, I would feel his kindness, this is also a form that makes us touched.” JungMin said “When HyunJoong is filming drama, everyone would go and visit him together. When I was acting in a play, they would come and watch, such incidents makes me very touched.”

Start of Asia Tour, First Stop Seoul
During the interview, SS501 also announced their Asia Tour which will start off on 1,2 August in Seoul, Korea. Tour stop in Taiwan is scheduled between October to December, hope that everyone can support them for the concert, and also welcome Taiwan fans to fly over to Korea for the Seoul concert. With regards to the contents of the concert performance, leader HyunJoong said “Each concert will be designed for the fans, like for Korea and Taiwan fans, we would use different methods to satisfy everyone. During this period, we will do our best to plan and come out with a very good concert performance.” Members created a commotion saying if the concert requires stripping of top to display their muscles, this mission would be given to HyungJoon, and jokingly said that it is because his body is very cheap.

? Your Deepest Impression During Your 3 Days in Taiwan?
JungMin: Eating the delicious xiaolongbao.

KyuJong: Seeing a lot of fans the moment we arrive at the airport, taking photos with 1,000 fans individually after the fan meeting.

HyunJoong: Fans giving us snack wherever we go, Taiwan snacks is delicious.

YoungSaeng: A lot of delicacies, suits my taste, I’ve a feeling of familiarity in Taiwan though it is my first visit here.

HyungJoon: Heard that a lot of fans started queuing 1 week before the fan meeting, I’m very touched by it. Hope that we can have a concert in Taiwan this year and everyone can attend.

Nickname : Sexy Charisma
Birthdate : 1987. 04. 03
Blood type : O
Height : 181cm
Weight : 67kg
Hobby : Writing Lyrics, Collecting Things, Taking a Walk
Specialty : Tap dance, Rock climbing
Animal that you describe yourself as : Unicorn
(puhahaa…UNICORN?! =_= he’s trying to make a nicer image out of horse. ^^ love the humor)
Motto : Live with a thankfulness mind
Family members : Father, Mother, Elder brother, Sister-in-law, Sister, Nephew, me
Idol : None
Part which you are most satisfied of : Teeth
Habit that you would like to change : Hope to cure sweaty palm
Things that you bring in your bag : Brought all necessity to be brought
Thing that you do most seriously : Considering to compose seriously
3 wishes :
1. SS501 to become artiste known by people all over the world
2. Eternal life living forever
3. Quickly able to see Taiwan fans

? Holding a fan meeting in Taiwan for the first time, anything special that happened?
HyunJoong: After the fan meeting ended, I saw a lot of Taiwan female fans riding on motorbike following our car, this is quite rare in Korea.

JungMin: Fans pitching tents outside the venue, queuing for 1 week in order to attend the fan meeting.

HyungJoon: Taiwanese fans are very hot (very enthusiastic), even more enthusiastic than I’ve imagined, especially during the encore performance, everyone stood up and jump, I was so touched!


Leader Guarantees an Exciting Performance
For HyunJoong who undertakes the responsibility as the leader of SS501, he emphasizes this when we talked about their upcoming concert “Our concert will definitely be very interesting from the start to the encore performance, not only would we sing and dance, there would be other more exciting performance, hope everyone can look forward to it!” Even though this concert will not have any special guests appearance by other singers but mainly displays their group as a whole, the Taiwanese singers that SS501 hopes to collaborate with are Jam Hsiao, Jolin Tsai, Vic Zhou and Fahrenheit.

HyunJoong Makes a Hilarious End
Then how is SS501’s feelings on their first trip to Taiwan? Leader HyunJoong replied on behalf of his members “Coming to Taiwan this time, we were a little surprised to see so many fans at the airport to welcoming us, we would like to thank everyone for their enthusiasm, we are really very happy. In addition, JungMin chanced upon FANS magazine’s reporter during this interview, hope that both of them can have a great development on their relationship, wishing them together for a long time!” Once he finished, all the members burst out laughing once again.

Fans Version of We Got Married
What? Did I hear wrongly! For the first 25 minutes of the interview, leader HyunJoong has kept his rationality and cool, but never did I expect that at the last minute he would mess it up, did he want me get killed by the vast SS501 fans? Or that he thought he was back at the variety program ‘We Got Married’ which he participated previously? Anyway, this interview went out of course unexpectedly, but resulting in some laughing, so hope fans can read this as a joke, don’t ANTI me alright! Requesting for SS501 fans’ forgiveness~ I swear to do good interviews of SS501 for the rest of my life~ SS501, Mansae! Sincerely, peace!

? Besides being an entertainer, is there any other jobs you plan to take on?
HyungJoon: I want to be a boss, I like the feeling of working with a group of people.

YoungSaeng: I want to learn more about composing and be a composer.

HyunJoong: Actually I want to continue being a singer, but if HyungJoon becomes a boss, I want to be the CEO whom he reports to and manages him, haha.

KyuJong: I hope to move towards the big screen, to become a movie actor.

JungMin: I am a multi-player, I can do anything, can be a plumper or electrician, singer, boss, nothing I cannot do, haha.

On 28-Jun at 7.30pm, SS501 came all the way from Korea to hold their fan meeting at TICC with over 3,000 fans. At the fan meeting, they sang a total of 6 songs, in the interview, JungMin and HyungJoon prank on each other, making the whole event even more fun! In the middle of this event, they unexpectedly walk down to the walkway at the audience seat area, giving red roses to the lucky fans, making these fans who received the flowers so happy! After that, through random draw of ticket numbers, 5 fans were invited to go up the stage to take polaroid with SS501. HyunJoong’s fan is very petite, so he knelt down to match with this fan for the photo. JungMin suddenly carried the fan up for the photo taking, immediately making the other fans shout.

6/29 SS501 Commemoration Press Conference
Before SS501 ended their Taiwan trip from 27-Jun till 29-Jun, they held an official ‘Commemoration Press Conference’ for the Taiwan media at level 1 of Grand Hyatt which they’ve stayed in.

Won Golden Disk, Took the Lead to do Charity
At the press conference, SS501’s 2 albums released in Taiwan “SS501 Super Hits – Super Collection” and “SS501* 1st Solo Album – Solo collection” honorably won the golden disk the moment it was released, so they especially award to them a golden disk to commemorate it. SS501 also donated all the extra amount that they’ve received for the fan meeting to a charity organization “United Way of Taiwan”. It is no wonder they are the role model of idol group since they lead their fans to do charity on their first trip in Taiwan. They’ve had such a good result even though this is the first time they release an album in Taiwan. YoungSaeng, who is the least talkative among the members, said on behalf of his members “We hope to have more chances in the future to come to Taiwan to see our fans here.”

Forgetting Lyrics, Forgetting Dance Steps, Sorry
I made myself there for all the schedules that SS501 were scheduled for. Be it during the interviews or at the fan meeting or at the commemoration press conference, we are able to feel that JungMin, who is the most hyper-active among them, is the mood-maker in any open events, he is good at making jokes of variety-show levels. At the press conference, he continues to goof around and joke around. When he was being disclosed by the other members that he is the one that always forgets lyrics, forget dance steps, he pretended to be serious and said “I felt really regretful that I was chosen by my members to be the one who forgets the lyrics the most. Hope that it will not happen again.” And about being chosen as the one who always forgot the dance steps, he explained “I only danced accordingly to how I felt!”

JungMin Eats Anything – Drinks Beer and Dances
And when they are vote for “The member who loves to eat?”, the votes became more decentralized. Some pointed to JungMin, some pointed to YoungSaeng, but JungMin still won by 1 vote. So how much does he loves to eat? Leader HyunJoong said “JungMin is usually very thrifty, but he is willing to splurge on food. And most people would be more or less not used to food in a foreign country, but he has no problem in any countries, he really does know how to enjoy eating.” JungMin quickly replied with a Korean idiom towards this ‘accusation’, “People say to eat good and filled, you’ll be pretty even if you die.” Everyone started laughing after he said this and he was being requested to drink Taiwan beer as a penalty. He stood up happily and cheers to everyone before drinking it at one shot with the members shouting “one shot, one shot!” beside him. On the other hand, KyuJong is curious about the cup-shaped ceiling lamp and jokingly suggested to pour Taiwan beer in the cup-shaped lamp to drink. HyungJoon who loves to bicker with JungMin said “After drinking the beer, JungMin would have trouble looking for his room later!” JungMin also danced to his specialty, tap dancing, upon reporter’s request.

HyunJoong Too Lazy To Get Out Of Bed – Even Burglary Won’t Wake Him
They continued to ask the members to vote for ‘Member who usually too lazy to get out of bed” during the press conference. This question is also a all-win vote, HyunJoong got the ‘support’ from the rest of the members without doubt, even he also pointed to himself using the ‘cutie finger pointer’. He admitted “I am actually the person who loves sleeping the most among our members. When we just debut, I am not able to wake up even if there’re 50 or 100 phone calls to me, I may not even realize even if there is a burglary. But I’ve improved now, being able to wake up if someone calls for 5 times.” And when they were being asked who is the person that is most popular with females, all of them became humble and shy, indicating that they’re all popular with girls because each have different types of charms attracting different types of girls.

YoungSaeng Became Less Talkative, HyunJoong Dismantle Microphone
SS501 debuted for 4 years, how has the members change? KyuJong said “I was a quiet person, but after interaction with the talkative JungMin over the years, I am more talkative now.” JungMin said “KyuJong was more passive in the past, he is more cheerful now.” YoungSaeng is the opposite of KyuJong, he said “I’ve became less talkative, I’m more and more frightened of media and cameras, just like now I am perspiring.” While everyone is replying to this question seriously, HyunJoong is seriously immersed in the world of his own, playing with the mic in his hand, even opening the battery cover to investigate the structure. The production staff thought that his mic is not working and went up to him to ask him, and he said “I just wanted to know if the mic in Taiwan is different from that of Korea.” Indeed showing us that he is Kim HyunJoong who lives in his own 4th dimensional world.

HyunJoong Acting is Good, Members All Agree
Kim HyunJoong, who has become good friends with Lee MinHo after ‘Boys Over Flowers’, heard from him who went to Taiwan earlier than them, that ‘Boys Over Flowers’ is very popular in Taiwan, and fans would go to the airport to welcome them, also reminding him not to be taken aback by Taiwan fans. And Kim HyunJoong also expressed that he felt the enthusiasm of these Taiwan fans. Before Kim HyunJoong took up the role in ‘Boys Over Flowers’, he had watched Taiwan and Japan version of the drama. He thinks that Taiwan F4 and Makino are handsome and pretty. And the host deliberately asked the other 4 members how they thought of HyunJoong’s performance in the drama? HyunJoong became shy and covered his face, not daring to see if the members nod or shake their heads. But the members all nodded in approval of his acting skill.

Promised To Return By Year End, Wave Goodbye
Ending the press conference, SS501 took Cathay Pacific Airways CX531 at 8.20pm to Hong Kong, their 2nd stop for Asia Tour Fan Meeting. There are about 600 fans who sent them off at the airport. Because there were really too many fans and they are too enthusiastic, Leader HyunJoong almost fell, his clothes and bag were almost pulled off from him, even the wooden hand railing of the staircase leading to level 2 of the airport fell off! The 5 guys were so grateful towards the enthusiastic fans that they went towards the glass window prior to going through the custom check and waved to their fans for about 5 minutes. Fans responded by screaming enthusiastically. The other tourists in the airport are curious about this huge commotion and stayed around to watch. SS501 also promised before leaving Taiwan, that they would come back for a concert by the end of this year, hoping that the fans can wait for them!

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