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07/03 [news] 300 fans sent off SS501 in Hong Kong

Posted on: July 6, 2009

07/03 [news] 300 fans sent off SS501 in Hong Kong

Credits: sina.com.hk + (English Translation) Crystal @ SgtripleS + bb’s blog , @ quainte501.com


Popular Korean band, SS501 left Hong Kong yesterday afternoon with over 300 fans sending them off and giving them presents at the airport. Members of SS501 indicated that they would share the presents and food together.

Korean band SS501 arrived in Hong Kong on the 29th and had a fan meeting with the fans. The night before at about 8pm, members Kim Hyun Joong, Heo Young Saeng, Kim Hyung Joon, Kim Kyu Jong and Park Jung Min, together with over 50 staff, went to Tsim Sha Tsui for a celebratory Korean cuisine dinner which attracted about 100 fans at the restaurant. During this period, there were conflicts between reporters and security guards but fortunately it did not end up nasty. SS501 had a wonderful dinner that lasted for about two hours.

Yesterday afternoon after 1pm, they arrived at the airport to depart for Korea. At the airport, there were about 300 fans ready to send them off. When the five members appeared, fans screamed and cheered. The members went near the fans and accepted their gifts before entering the departure hall.

This time around, SS501 not only had a fan meeting, but also had spared some time for some interviews. Although SS501 is a group/band, they each often have individual jobs to handle. When asked if they would meet up and go out for some fun session when they are free, they replied, “Of course! Eat together, sing karaoke and have drinking sessions, but Hyung Joon would not join us for most of the drinking sessions because of his poor drinking capacity.”

Another question asked was if they would take note of one another’s individual activities. And they replied, “Of course! Because we can already keep updated of one another’s programs through the internet and also we will send each other text messages to give one another advice or even support them at their working place.”

Due to Korean drama Boys over Flower, leader Kim Hyun Joong became very popular and when the 5 members were asked to rate the most popular member, they said, “All of us are the same, because each of us have very different personalities and styles.” As for the presents from the fans, they said they would share.

Because of their frequent flying overseas, they were asked if they miss their home and Kim Hyun Joong said, “No, maybe yes for the first time, but now we are used to it so will not miss home.”

They also mentioned that they really appreciate the support from the Hong Kong fans and were also really touched and would turn their support into motivation for them to work harder.

Actually the band is also very worried for the safety of their fans, and they hoped that they will be healthy and said they will learn their Cantonese better before coming to Hong Kong again. They also hoped that the fans can learn some Korean and able to communicate and interact with them.

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