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07/03 [news] SS501 Returning to Seoul

Posted on: July 5, 2009

Credits : 隊있뒤寗취+ doubles501.com + (English Translation) eeyore.pink @ Quainte501.com
SS501 returned to Seoul after their 4 days visit to Hong Kong. Around 300 fans sent them off at the airport. During their interview, 5 of them were offered Hong Kong delicacies/tidbits.

SS501 was in Hong Kong to promote their Asia Tour, while holding a fan meeting. During their interview, they were offered Hawthorn Cake, Ma Chai, Wife Cake and Gingerbread. Kim Hyung Joon lost in the finger guessing game and was forced to choose Hawthorn Cake. He said he smelled acid rancid flavour, but Park Jung Min forced him to taste it.

SS501 was excited over their visit in Hong Kong and also said that they would like to try Siew Mai, Shrimp dumplings and seafood, not forgetting about the night scenery at the Peak and touring in Ocean Park. Kim Hyung Joon praised Hong Kong girls as lively and enthusiastic, which fits his criteria as girlfriends, but Park Jung Min revealed that Hyung Joon was hard to please. As for Kim Hyun Joong, he said that he is still in contact with the rest of the F3.

The night before leaving Hong Kong, SS501 visited a Korean restaurant (新罗宝)for celebration. A large crowd of media and fans went. A reported and security went into conflict due to the large crowd, causing some commotion. After eating, at around 10pm, SS501 went back to their hotel to rest and arrive at the International Airport at 1pm the next day, with 300 fans sending them off. The 5 of them waved goodbye to their fans before entering the departure gate. Some Korean fans took the same flight back as their idols, SS501.

As usual, Kim Hyung Joon lost in his finger-guessing game.
And as usual, Tom and Jerry, JungMin forcing HyungJoon to eat the Hawthorn Cake and revealing his secrets.
Lucky fans who got to take the same flight back to Seoul with them

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