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07/02 [news] SS501, their physiological reponses

Posted on: July 2, 2009

Credits : ÁúýÍø + doubles501.com + (English Translation) eeyore.pink @ Quainte501.com


SS501 held a fan meeting with thousand over fans in Hong Kong Convention Centre, with entrance tickets priced at HKD790 and HKD 501 respectively. HKD501 represent SS501. Outside the venue, CDs were sold at HKD 120 and HKD 100.

SS501 expressed that this was their first visit to Hong Kong and hope that they will be able to come back to Hong Kong. They too revealed that they will be holding an Asia Tour Concert, and will be held in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Beijing and Shanghai etc. They hope to be able to hold their Hong Kong Concert between November and December. Member, Kim Kyu Jong hopes to find a girlfriend to enjoy the night scenery in Hong Kong.

During the interview, members were to say what they are envy of other members. Each of them praises one another handsome, humorous and dislikes lying etc. As for girlfriends, 5 of them said that they like Hong Kong fans and one member said that “all of them are graceful (窈窕)”. Park Jung Min commented that his girlfriend must know how to shout “Love SS501”. An embarrassing moment was that, due to after dancing vigorously and the tight pants, and facing the female fans, physiological responses naturally arises, few of them shown different level of responses as seen from their pants.

Lastly, all 5 members gave roses to fans. SS501 revealed that they will be holding their Asia Tour on 1 August in Seoul and subsequently around Asia and 1 encore song will be presented to their fans. After the fan meeting, they hope that their concert in Hong Kong will be held indoor as they had experience and outdoor event while raining and worry for their fans being drenched. They also praised that Hong Kong is very pretty and they also know that Hong Kong has got many well known directors like John Woo (吴宇森) and Taiwan’s Ang Lee (李安). If given a chance, they would like to work with these directors and jokingly said that they don’t mind sleeping with them.

I find this article kinda weird. Hesitated if i should translate and post it up.

This is my first time translating. Please enjoy. Thank you 211.gif
Also, pardon me if there’s any mistake

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