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07/02 [news] SS501 showing their charms in HKG

Posted on: July 2, 2009

Credits : baidu + doubles501.com + (English Translation) eeyore.pink@ Quainte501.com


Kim Hyun Joong, who shot to fame due to Kkotboda Namja, led his fellow group mates, SS501, to Hong Kong for a fan meeting. SS501 were touched that Hong Kong fans were full of enthusiasm and passion as almost 500 fans welcomed them at the airport even though this was their first visit to Hong Kong.

SS501 had show cased their dance, played games with fans, gave out presents and showed their personal talents during their Hong Kong fan meeting had caused fans to be high. At the same time, SS501 did not forget doing charity by donating the amount earned from photo-taking to charity, showing their kind hearts.

During questions and answers, Kim Hyun Joong was asked why he was labeled as 4-dimensional and he replied because he wanted to be the universe’s star. SS501 has very close relationship with one another, for example Hyung Jun praises Hyun Joong for being manly, Jung Min admires Kyu Jung’s sincerity and honesty. The members did not forget to expose one another. Members said that Hyung Joon wore his undergarment in the public bath while showering. Hyung Joon also revealed that Jung Min likes to wear weird socks and Jung Min rebutted by removing his shoes immediately to clarify. Hyun Joong also self disclosed that he is one who is very afraid of tickles.

SS501 performed “Because I’m Stupid”, “A Song Calling for You” etc. During individual performances, Hyun Joong performed his guitar talents in Kkotboda Namja, Kyu Jung performed his new solo song, Young Saeng danced SNSD “Gee”, showing his cute movements. Jung Min humored fans using his Cantonese, praising them “pretty/beautiful girls”, and even squatted down, holding on to fans asking “Will you marry me?”, Hyung Joon acted like a spoiled child which made fans burst with joy.

Despite their first visit to Hong Kong, the 5 members showed their coaxed fans with Cantonese and even prepared red roses for fans for selected fans and the lucky fans can also take photos with SS501. Jung Min who was touched by a fan, carried the fan up for the photoshoot, which caused commotion among the fans.

SS501 said that they will be carrying out their Asia Tour Concert from 1st Aug, which includes Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand etc. Hong Kong’s concert will be held around November and later in Beijing and Shanghai. They also said that they respect Jackie Chan and wish to work with him, given a chance.

The reports are almost the same with different reporters saying slightly different things.
Once again, if i made any mistakes, please pardon me smile.gif

1 Response to "07/02 [news] SS501 showing their charms in HKG"

“SS501 said that they will be carrying out their Asia Tour Concert from 1st Aug, which includes Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand etc.”

i’m so happy when they said, they will coming to Malaysia during their Asia Tour Concert. Yeeepppiiiii

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