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07/02 [news] Jam Hsiao attempt to challenge, SS501’s dance

Posted on: July 2, 2009

Credits : liberytimes + doubles501.com + (English Translation) eeyore.pink @ Quainte501.com


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Jam Hsiao met up with his junior, SS501, last weekend. In the short interview, he expressed that he was shorter than SS501, thus said that he had to increase his height with a box. He also learnt the butt shaking component of the dance in “A Song Calling for You” from SS501 and jokingly said that he wanted to form SS601 with them to expand his career in South Korea.

Jam Hsiao represented his company in welcoming SS501 during their last visit to Taiwan. At the same time, he learnt dancing from his fellow juniors. Jam Hsiao who does not have a flare for dancing mixed up his directions and was also unable to catch up with the beats of the dance. However, SS501 was very caring, they slowed down the pace and broked down each step for Jam. SS501 expressed that Jam Hsiao was already very good as he was able to learn the steps within a short period of time.

Even though Jam Hsiao and SS501 have communication barrier, they were able to understood their meanings through body movements. Despite that, they started playing during the interview. Jung Min was curious with the mole at the side of Jam Hsiao’s mouth and commented that “Hmm! This mole is very attractive”. Jam Hsiao even let them touch the mole, but Jung Min became shy instantly and pushed Hyung Joon forward as a representative. Hyung Joon said “Not bad 感覺還不錯” after touching it.

The whole interview will be air on 8 July on Taiwan’s GTVCall 100/100% Entertainment (娛樂百分百) at 6pm.

Please pardon me if there’s any discrepany.

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