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07/01 [news] SS501 loves shopping, no limit

Posted on: July 1, 2009

07/01 [news] SS501 loves shopping, no limit in their buying budget

Credits : udn + doubles501.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Korean pretty boy group SS501, created a stir in Taiwan with their first visit there. Whenever they show themselves, all 5 of them are very well-dressed, they have their own opinions towards clothing and hairstyles. They enjoy buying things but their shopping style is different from each other, only thing in common is that they do not have a limit in their spending for an item that they like!

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SS501 pointed to JungMin in unison as the one who spends the most time on dressing up and shopping. JungMin said “I like to study fashion styles. Because I have long hands and legs, I will look out especially for clothes that are suitable for long body shape.”

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Leader Kim HyunJoong shops depending on season. He doesn’t like to go out during summer as it is too warm, so he usually shops around during winter. Kim HyunJoong loves buying V-neck shirts, and will also take note of new designs by some designers.

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The other 3 members belong to ‘shopping on impulsion’ type. HyungJoon said “I will buy it as long as I fancy it, I can buy a lot of things every time I go shopping. I have a lot of jeans, accessories and sunglasses at home.” YoungSaeng said “I would buy anything that comes to mind. I will buy cheap clothes, but if the item has collection value, I would buy it even if it is expensive.” KyuJong ,who claims that he is not as fashionable as the other members, simply cannot resist buying shoes. He will buy on impulsion when he sees a design that he likes.

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In their busy 3 days 2 nights schedule, SS501 made special arrangements to shoot “Star’s taste” for our newspaper column. Changed into the LV suits, these 5 guys’ expressions seem to have a touch of mature masculinity. To prepare for this shooting, they woke up early at 9am to do their make-up for over 3 hours. Though JungMin is contented with his gorgeous dress-up, he sighed “It’ll be too eye-catching if we were to dress up like this in normal days. We may have to wear a hat or sunglass to conceal.” Kim HyunJoong said “I wouldn’t want to work if I wear like this, I would want to go partying in this outfit.”

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Though they have individuality in their dress sense, SS501 are open to the dressing styles of females. They respect the likings of each female, but hope that their future girlfriends can wear skirts more often, dressing to be more feminine. Kim HyunJoong said “I like girls who wear dresses.” KyuJong said he will not interfere in how revealing his girlfriend would wear, HyungJoon and YoungSaeng said that it is fine as long as they don’t wear swimsuit or wearing underwear on the outside (內衣外穿?? I don’t know how to translate into English though). JungMin would like his girlfriend to dress sexily. Only HyunJoong reacted embarrassed when he heard the word “revealing”, saying “I think I wouldn’t bear with it and interfere!”

2 Responses to "07/01 [news] SS501 loves shopping, no limit"

it’s ok,he’s rich naman….!

Oh! hyun joong must prefer a simple girlfriend like his past relationship…that’s cool

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