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06/30 [news] SS501 holds celebratory press, conference

Posted on: July 1, 2009

SS501 holds celebratory press conference, comes to Taiwan to show their compassion with fans

Credits: Warner Music Taiwan + (English translation) SS5014ever @ quainte501.com


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On Sunday (28th June), after SS501 successfully held their fan meeting at Taipei International Convention Center, SS501 who were missing food from their home country, went to famous Korean BBQ restaurant “Longevity” to hold a celebration dinner; the 5 big boys who cured their longing, very happily said “Thank you” to the staff of their Taiwan record company, and also said they’ll continue to work hard, shouting “Fighting!” together.

SS501 sign a deal with Warner Music Taiwan to release their albums in Taiwan and the whole of Asia, and to let fans first revise all the classic songs of SS501, who made their debut 4 years ago, they specially released 2 albums, “Superhits CD+DVD” and “1st solo album”, on 26th June, part of their monopolizing Taiwan plan; due to enthusiastic response during pre-order, once the albums were released, both albums immediately won the honor of Gold Record! And on today’s (29th June) press conference, Warner Music’s Greater China region General Manager Wang Pei Fen also presented the Gold Record to SS501, this record sale is said to be a new record among the Taiwan release of Korean artistes records!

SS501’s first visit to Taiwan, and they showed their compassion together with their fans! A total of 1000 spots were opened for fans, and each person only had to pay NTD100 to take a photo with their idols during the fan meeting, the total earnings of NTD10000 were fully donated to United Way Taiwan; United Way Taiwan’s donation ambassador Wang Yong He will also be attending the press conference, and accept the compassion of SS501 and their fans on behalf.

The press conference will also be hosted by Ken Wu Jian Heng, who was also the host for the fan meeting, both parties already have a certain amount of understanding, so during the Q&A activity where members poked fun at each other, all the members of SS501 were rather open, and the press conference was full of laughter; the 5 boys who’ve already been in Taiwan for 3 days have already learned many Chinese words, “Yes, yes, yes”, “I love you”, “You’re very beautiful”, “Are you courting death?”, “Crazy” etc. Park Jung Min who was poked fun of most accepted the present – “Big cup of Taiwan beer”, despite being poor at holding his liquor, he readily agreed to finish the cup of beer, exclaiming it was delicious! Also, SS501 officially announced that they’ll be starting their Asia Tour from August, Taiwan’s concert is scheduled to occur between October and December.

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At night, SS501 boarded Cathay Pacific’s flight CX531 that departed at 8:20pm, going on to Hong Kong, their 2nd stop for the Asia Tour fan meeting; it’s estimated that about 600 fans went to see them off, and due to fans being overly-enthusiastic, leader Kim Hyun Joong almost fell, while his clothes and bag were almost pulled off; the wooden handle on the steps leading to the 2nd floor of the airport also fell off! But the 5 boys were very thankful to the fans’ enthusiastic support, and before passing through customs, they specially walked next to the glass windows, and waved to their fans through the glass for 5 minutes, the fans also enthusiastically screamed and hit the glass in response, causing other tourists who were also present, to look on in curiosity, and filming it. Before leaving Taiwan, SS501 also promised everyone, they’ll definitely be back in Taiwan before the year ends, and asked the fans to please wait a little while.

no guarantees on translation of korean BBQ restuarant name XD i couldn’t find it..lol..
i can’t believe the handle of the stairs fell off!


good news is the distribution of their cd in asia to be handled by warner music taiwan, i hope this means we should be definitely getting it in singapore/malaysia!!

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2 Responses to "06/30 [news] SS501 holds celebratory press, conference"

hey 🙂

i have a couple of good fan pics from the taiwan meeting (from the airport).

if you want more details let me know. i went to most of their activities during their 3 days in taiwan.

Aaahh,,how lucky!! I really want to meet them in person. ^^
Can you send me the picture? I really want it!!
My email: byeolbic@live.com
Thanks so much… ^^

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