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The Arrival Of Super Junior & SS501 Caused More Than A Thousand Fans To Gather At Taoyuan International Airport

Posted on: June 30, 2009


Today, Taoyuan International Airport was an extremely lively and enthusiastic place. Two Korean idol groups, Super Junior and SS501 arrived at Taiwan at nearly the same time. More than a thousand fans gathered at the airport, exploding with sharp screams and cheers for more than half an hour. Some fans even disregarded their own safety and rushed onto the street just outside the airport, just for a chance to see their idols close-up. The scene was extremely dangerous, yet amazing at the same time.

The moment that Super Junior stepped into the main hall at the airport, the fans at the scene exploded into screams, one after another, and exhibited a completely crazed and chaotic state of mind. Even after the members left the hall, the fans still followed after closely, and almost got into a disagreement with the security guards. Super Junior, who came to Taiwan in order to participate in the Golden Melody Awards, nearly caused a huge scene to erupt at Taiwan’s airport. Fans didn’t even care for their own safety and occupied the road where cars were running; it was extremely hazardous.

For the whole afternoon, Taoyuan Airport was filled with idol-chasing fans, causing someone to even lose their shoe. The ear-piercing screams were even harder to bear for passerby’s in the airport, leaving them to cover their ears as an only option in order to avoid the shouting.

original article source HERE
credits: moniicax3@sj-world.net

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