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06/28 [news] SS501’s TW FM, singing, dancing, speaking, in Chinese

Posted on: June 29, 2009

Credits: cna.com.tw + (English translation) SS5014ever @ quainte501.com

Korea’s popular boy idol group SS501 held their fan meeting today in Taipei, where they sung 6 songs, and used Chinese to say “Hello” to fans, leader Kim Hyun Joong also specially danced a sexy dance, causing fans to be extremely high.

SS501, who debut 4 years ago, held their first fan meeting in Taiwan, attracting almost 3200 fans, apart from Taiwan fans, many fans specially came over from Japan and Korea on chartered jets, just to see their idols. Apart from singing and dancing, fans were also allowed to ask questions, and the atmosphere was lively.

Kim Hyun Joong expressed, it’s very nervous being the first time we’re in Taiwan, but once he saw so many fans here, he felt it was great; member Kim Hyung Joon then expressed, when they passed by the venue yesterday, and saw so many fans camping and queuing outside, he felt very touched, so he’ll definitely give his all for today’s performance, and show the best to everyone.

The 5 members, apart from greeting “Hello” to the fans in Chinese, also individually showed the Chinese they knew. Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min, Heo Young Saeng respectively said “I love you”, “Once again”, “You’re very beautiful”, Kim Kyu Jong said “What is this? What is that?”, he said, he’s very curious about many things in Taiwan, so he specially learnt the line, hoping to understand Taiwan better.

Due to Kim Hyun Joong’s participation in Korea’s “Boys over Flower”, he specially learnt the Chinese line “This beautiful lady, please buy an ice-cream”, causing the fans to be very happy.

Furthermore, SS501 also said, this August they’ll be holding their first tour concert in Seoul, Korea, and they hope everyone will go down to Seoul then to watch their performance. And for the fans that can’t go to Seoul, they specially promised the fans that they’ll definitely come back to Taiwan for a concert before the end of the year.

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