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(SS501) Leader Hyunjoong @ Lee Minho’s Bday Party June 21st,2009

Posted on: June 23, 2009

minoz KHJ

credit : marinastory if taken out

Showing his deep friendship , SS501 leader Hyunjoong attended  “Minoz Happy Day Mini Concert” – the Bday Bash & 1st Fan Meeting from his former co-star of Boys over Flowers Drama Lee Minho. Held @ Dome Art Hall – Children Grand Park-Seoul,  June 21st, 2009 , Leader HJ performed his solo song “Please Be Nice To Me”!

OMG !!!! He performed well, his voice and dancing ♥♥♥

I don’t know what else can decribe his performance ^^

Right now, the only and fastest video of his stage was only a ‘far’ Fancam >_< Yet, it can’t hide leader’s HAWT performance ^^ I will replace the video the soonest I find a better one !

As for now , let’s enjoy these photo spread (via NATE) & currently available video (via hoonfami) !

minoz KHJ2

minoz KHJ3

minoz KHJ4

minoz KHJ5

minoz KHJ Tmax MLH

Watch the video !

Please understand the screaming and else since we would do the same if we were there right!

4 Responses to "(SS501) Leader Hyunjoong @ Lee Minho’s Bday Party June 21st,2009"

ow My gosh its that Ji ho(kim joong)…his so handsome now compare in the past and im so amazed with him but my only idol Is LEE MIN HO….But I like F4 since I wacthed them in BOYS OVER FLOWER and I plan to miGrate or live in korea and its hard for me to left my philippines my country but because of Lee min ho I can may be in 3-4 years if i have i stable life i will live in korea soon….to see lEE MIN hO and its my dream to live in korea forever…..and when the times it happen I want to Make sure that I can see personally LEE mIN HO…because I have something to give HIm and I want to speak karean but i didnt know how?

your nicn

Hyun joong you are very talented. Nice to see you in Indonesia.

so handsome and cool. that is my man…. hyun joong oppa….

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