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06/19 [news] Details of solo songs: YS, HJL & KJ

Posted on: June 20, 2009

Credits: SS601.com + luisa@doubles501.com (Chinese translation) + Feissy @ Quainte501.com (English translation)


News from CYworld about SS501 Solo Collection


YOUNG SAENG: Nameless Memory

Lyrics by: Heo Yong Saeng Composed by: Park Sae Hyeon (Pisces Music INC.) Arranged by: Star Trak (Pisces Music INC)

Yong Saeng’s emotive lyrics meets with composer Park Sae Hyeon’s sad and beautiful melody; creating a melodious ballad. This combination allows you to indulge in the gentle charm of Yong Saeng.



Lyrics by: Kim Tae Wan (aka “C-Luv”) Composed by: Kim Tae Wan Arranged by: Kim Tae Wan, Star Trak (Pisces Music INC)

The producer of Rain’s “Rainism” album, Kim Tae Wan, collaborates with Star Trak team for the first time to produce “Wuss Up”.
Strong rhythmic beats of the song creates the brand new style of Kim Kyu Jong, as we wait in anticipation for a better and stronger SS501.


HYUN JOONG: Please treat me well

Lyrics by: Hwang Song Jae (BBJ Music) Composed by: Hwang Song Jae Arranged by: Hwang Song Jae

Hwang Song Jae is known for having created countless Number 1 hits for many singers. Hwang Song Jae and the BJJ Music team worked tireless in small groups to create a unique song infused with western Pop and R&B singing style.

From structuring of the song, to song arrangement and even selection of instruments for the melody, Kim Hyun Joong was heavily involved in the production of his solo song. Kim Hyun Joong possesses great ambition for producing music. In comparison to his past image in SS501, Kim Hyun Joong now displays a multi-talented image – with focus on his versatility.

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