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06/09 [news] DSP on the list of slave companies, that Korean entertainment industry expose

Posted on: June 10, 2009

Credits: MyDaily —(english translations) ss501always@quainte501.com

On June 8 afternoon, according to the Korean media, the contract between the entertainment companies and their artists is also called the “slave contract”. Although this have been gaining the people’s attention and surveillance, abuse does not change and still exist. Recently, the South Korean Fair Trade Committee announced their investigation reports for 20 entertainment companies and found out that almost every company signed unfair contract with their artists. This includes the well known YG Entertainment and DSP Media.

user posted image
SS501’s entertainment company DSP Media is on the list of ” Slave companies”

Within a period of two months from April to May, the Fair Trade Committee carried out investigations on the contracts signed between the 20 companies and their 230 artists and discovered that majority portion of the contracts were extremely unfair to the artists. This includes: the artists must get the company’s permission to go oversea and have to act according to what the company instructed them to do; companies have the authority to amend the contract. even after it was signed by both parties; without their companyfs permission, the artists are not allowed to end their activities; after the contract expires, the artists are not allowed to work in related fields etc. Some contracts even instruct the artists to faithfully report to the company wherever they are. The legal advisor said that these clauses have infringed the artistes’ private life and hopes the investigation is done transparently so as to improve the artistes’ career environment.

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Big Bang’s company YG, is also one of the companies on the list.

The 16 companies on the list:
IJ entertainment company 
Peace entertainment company 
YG entertainment company 
DY entertainment company 
barunson entertainment company 
HUMANE entertainment company 
Story entertainment company 
sim entertainment company 
GTB entertainment company 
Summer entertainment company 
Fan entertainment company 
101 entertainment company
STAR-K entertainment company 
mentor entertainment company 
BHE entertainment company 
oracle entertainment company

1 Response to "06/09 [news] DSP on the list of slave companies, that Korean entertainment industry expose"

does the SM entertainment one of the groups in the “Slave List”???????

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