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(SS501) Recent Random Videos

Posted on: June 9, 2009

YS in TV showsKYU in GOCKYU in YTN

All Videos via hoonfami

credit: imuyachan

Youngsaeng’s voice is such an angelic voice n_n I love it a lot. And lately I spotted him to be such a loner during the group togetherness >_< Hope he’s okay! I found videos which featured the sub group leader Heo Youngsaeng while showing off his angelic voice + his shy yet super cute attitude ^^

Love U Youngsaeng-aa ♥ Love his voice a lot.

This is taken from “Song is Good” & “Challenge 1000 song” TV shows ^^

SS501 Youngsaeng-ee Seonggong !!

Last time was in SS501 helping leader fillin the Anycall Employee Application Video when we see Kyu’s hilarious dancing ^^ N now, he showed off his Pillar Dance in his TV Show God of Cokery ^^ Taken from June 5, 2009 broadcast Love his cute n ’shameless’ attitudes ^^

It’s from YTN Behind The Scene (May 27th,2009 broadcast) from Kim Donghee’s MV ‘Woman is just like that‘ which featured Uri Kyu

Highlight : 3 NGs during ’slapping scene’ *ouchh*

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