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06/05 [news] SS501 Profile on Warner Music Taiwan

Posted on: June 6, 2009

Credits: warnermusic.com.tw + (English translation) SS5014ever @ quainte501.com

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Meaning of SS501
SS, representing Singer, Screen Actor and Superstar
5 (5 members), 0 (infinite), 1 (No. 1 and unique)
meaning 501 is 5 members always together

SS501 members:
Kim Hyun Joong (leader), Heo Young Saeng, Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min, Kim Hyung Jun

Leader: Kim Hyun Joong
SS501’s view of Kim Hyun Joong:
Needs to learn how to write (always writing words wrongly)
Special 4th-dimensional way of thinking (Normal people cannot immediately understand what he says)
Honest and cute, but often leaves people at a loss, Hyun Joong is really interesting…
Likes to be late
Sleepyhead no. 1 (in actual fact it’s cause he can’t be wakened)
Bold but careful
Reticent, usually expressionless
Very competent leader

Prince Heo Young Saeng
SS501’s view of Heo Young Saeng:
Very image-conscious
Cares about fashion
Shows his dissatisfaction
Plenty of hand gestures
Really like taking photos (Mostly self-camera)
Many good friends
Doesn’t like sports

Center Kim Kyu Jong
SS501’s view of Kim Kyu Jong:
Very quiet
Kind-hearted, upright person
Keeps everything to himself
Sighs loudly (always sighing)
Very honest
Loves practicing
Petty, always ridiculing others, gets angry easily
Eats too much rice (At least 2 bowls per meal)
Always the first to wake up, likes to wake up the other members

Sexy Charisma Park Jung Min[
SS501’s view of Park Jung Min:
Never cleans his room
Online shopping maniac (Example, buying 1 carton of instant noodles)
Will use honorific forms when requesting for something
Falls out with people easily (Especially when his requests are denied)
Hides at the back when everyone’s busy
Bright and cheerful to the extent of “madness”
Likes to pretend to be kind
Smelly feet
Overly careful (too particular)
Good at creating atmosphere
Talks too much
Serious case of “prince” illness
Has the most friends out of the 5

Youngest Kim Hyung Jun
SS501’s view of Kim Hyung Jun:
Very ambitious
Very naive
A kid always pretending to be an adult, always looking like he wants to make fun of people
Daily habitual actions: practice, online gaming, eat, sleep (but he doesn’t do well in gaming)
Hyung Jun’s snores = alarm clock (sometimes he’ll be awakened by his own snores)
Taps his toes when he sings
Stiff body, stomach bulges out, has a small tummy

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