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06/02 [info] SS501, THE 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA IN SEOUL – Advance purchase details & other matters

Posted on: June 3, 2009

Credits : SS501.dspenter.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com

Please repost with full credits only

Hello. This is DSP Media.

The start of a magnificant performance and vibrant SS501’s first Asia Tour, performance in Seoul details has been confirmed as follows.


Date/Time :
1st performance – 2009.08.01 (Sat) 7pm
2nd performance – 2009.08.02 (Sun) 7pm

Venue : The 1st Gymnasium at Olympic Park (Gymnastics Stadium)

Ticket :
Standing – 99,000won (includes VAT)
Seated R – 99,000won
Seated S – 77,000won
Seated A – 55,000won

Discount for Triple S 2nd members : 5% (up to 4 tickets per person)



Advance purchase opens : 2009.06.11 (Thu) 7pm

Advance purchase :
1. Auction ticket – http://ticket.auction.co.kr/
2. Yes24ticket – http://ticket.yes24.com

Enquiries : Auction ticket 1566-1369 / Yes24ticket 1544-6399

(SS501, THE 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA IN SEOUL can only be advance purchased from these ticketing agents.)

<Important Details on Advance Purchase>

1. Advance purchase on SS501 concert ticket will commence on 11-June at 7pm through Auction Ticket (http://ticket.auction.co.kr).
Please join to be a member of Auction Ticket website prior to the advance purchase date.
For those who are under 14 years old, you can join using your parents, brothers, sisters or other family member’s identity, and then purchase the tickets after joining as a member.

2. Advance purchase can be made with a maximum of 4 tickets per person.

3. In order to avoid disorder during the concert day, advance purchase tickets can only be mailed out.
(*Accumulative mailing out date : 14-July (Tue))

## It is impossible to request for replacement of lost tickets. Hope that you can keep your tickets safely.

4. For cash transfers for advance purchase, please make the payment before 23:59hrs of the next day after making your purchase to complete the purchase procedure. Please bear in mind that in cases that the money is not received in the stipulated time, your advance purchase would be automatically cancelled. The payment will only be completed when you pay for the full amount. If the payment amount is wrong, it will be automatically cancelled.

5. Concert on 02-Aug (Sunday) will be recorded for DVD, appreciate your understanding if there is any inconvenience due to this.

6. After this advance purchase, in the process of reselling the tickets to someone else will disclose your personal information which will bring inconvenience for both the seller and purchaser.
And we will not be responsible for any cases resulting from purchases made through black market.

7. Fake tickets will be checked for and denied entry to the concert, offenders will be forced to leave.

8. With the start of the advance purchase, a lot of people will be accessing the server at the same time, so the server may go down. Please remain calm and wait for the server to work again.

9. Please contact Auction Ticket Customer Center 1566-1369 for enquiries on advance purchase.
(Operating times for customer center : Mon-Fri 9am~7pm, Sat 9am~1pm, closed on Sun & public holidays)

<Important Noted on Entry to Concert>

1. Please come for the concert in casual attire. Drinks are not allowed to be brought in. We hope that you will arrive after we end the preparation for the entrance into the concert venue. You may start to enter the concert venue 2 hours prior to concert.
**You may be refuse entry once the concert starts.

2. This concert has both standing and assigned seats. .
Standing area is on the 1st floor in front of the stage, space is not assigned but by order of entrance, so you may stand at anyplace you want to watch the concert.
In addition, for the safety of your good self, we hope you can refrain yourself from running during entry to the concert.

3. For standing tickets, please be there 2.5 hours prior to concert start time, a separate waiting space will be arranged for you to queue up. 2 hours prior to start of concert, entry by 100 per time will be given by order into area A, B, C, D. After entry is granted, the assigned entrance numbers would be voided, so please be there before the specified entrance time to avoid any inconvenience.

4. Recordings during the concert is an infringement of copyright and is illegal.
Legal actions can be taken against those who circulate and share these data though the internet. Electronic devices for recording and filming cannot be brought in.
If you brought these belongings, please keep it in the lockers provided before entering. If we find any one using these devices in the concert venue, we will confiscate the tape, film, memory stick, etc that contains the data and erase them, then ask them to leave the venue.

**We wish to inform you that we are not responsible for any damage, thief, etc at the lockers/depository place.

5. Please refrain from using LED placards, laser and other types of supporting goods as it may disturb the performance. Such goods will not be allowed to be taken in, it will be confiscated by the management.

6. Inside the concert venue, use of lighter, firecracker and use of other explosives are not allowed under the Fire Services Act. We hope you can respect yourself and the others by not disrupting the performance with your personal event during the performance.

7. Gifts, flowers, fan letters, etc will not be accepted for this concert.

8. We hope that you can use public transportation to come to the concert in order to ease the traffic congestion.

9. This concert would be cancelled if any natural disasters were to occur.

10. We will not be responsible for any cases brought upon by people who did not read and understand the above notice.

Please look forward to SS501, The 1st Asia Tour Persona in Seoul.

Thank you.

[DSP Media]

seating map
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*I’ve checked both websites.
Ticket Auction doesnt allow foreigner sign up.
Yes24Ticket does have a foreigner sign up, so I signed in and sent an enquiry asking out SS501 concert tickets. Unfortunately, they explained that they are unable to send tickets overseas, so we cant purchase it through them. I guess unless u have an adress in Korea…it’s kinda impossible.

3 Responses to "06/02 [info] SS501, THE 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA IN SEOUL – Advance purchase details & other matters"

i want to purchase tickets for seoul, but the site doesn’t let me register unless i have a korea id?

can someone please let me know if i can purchase tickets?


I found byeolbic.wordpress.com very informative. The article is professionally written and I feel like the author knows the subject very well. byeolbic.wordpress.com keep it that way.

my friend always sell concert tickets at a heavily discounted price, it is nice to have a friend like that-`,

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