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06/01 [news] SS501, First idol group to have ‘fan meeting’ in airplane attracts attention

Posted on: June 1, 2009

Credits : miru@osen.co.kr + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


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Male group SS501 is the very first idol group to hold a fan meeting in an airplane. This fan meeting holds the meaning of ‘For the love and support to SS501’, and gathers fans from both Korea and Japan, making this event even more meaningful.

SS501 members attended to flight attendant lesson before the event so that they are able to look after their fans’ safety and comfort. They were serious about their lessons from the start till the end, but the lesson was conducted in a joyous atmosphere, learning the bright & warm smile which is the symbolization of a flight attendant, greeting lesson, learning the service of giving drinks in order to provide a pleasant environment, and most importantly learning to do safety demonstration for the passengers’ safety.

After their flight attendant lesson, Kim HyunJoong said showing his responsibility “If there would be any real emergency to happen on board, I would evacuate the fans first and I will be the last to get off.” SS501 members chose Park JungMin as ‘Member who will do the best in providing service on board’ and Kim HyungJoon was choen for ‘Member who will do the worst in providing service on board’.

5 members of SS501 are split into 2 teams, flying from Kimpo-Jeju and KimHae-Jeju. They personally checked the safety belts, doing safety demonstration, serving drinks for their fans. Their transformation into flight attendants will be broadcasted through Mnet ‘SS501’s Romantic Sky’ on 02-Jun at 6pm. ‘SS501’s Romantic Sky’ has a total of 3 episodes, airing every Tuesday at 6pm starting from 02-Jun.

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