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Source Liberty Times
Translated by Elvenstar @ http://asianfanatics.net

SS501 have come to Taiwan for their 2nd fan meeting, Leader Kim Hyun Jong did a sexy dance making the fans extremely high. Him and his other band members Kim Hyung Joon, Park Jung Min, Heo Young Saeng and Kim Kyu Jong made an agreement with the fans to return to Taiwan in October this year to open a concert.

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SS501 met the fans today, singing and dancing a total of 6 songs, using chinese to greet the fans.

After debutting for four years, it was the first time they held a fanmeet in taiwan, attracting about 3200 fans to be at the event, including fans from japan and korea.

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Kim Hyun Joong startled but didn’t get mad, just blames the fans for being too enthusiastic


South Korean idol group SS501 have come to Taiwan, Kim Hyun Joong, Park Jung Min, Kim Kyu Jong, Kim Hyung Joon and Heo Young Saeng got a fright from the over enthusiastic fans. Especially Kim Hyun Joong, he wanted to clarify the day he arrived his expression was bewilderment and not anger and had just got a fright from the over enthusiastic fans.

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Today, Taoyuan International Airport was an extremely lively and enthusiastic place. Two Korean idol groups, Super Junior and SS501 arrived at Taiwan at nearly the same time. More than a thousand fans gathered at the airport, exploding with sharp screams and cheers for more than half an hour. Some fans even disregarded their own safety and rushed onto the street just outside the airport, just for a chance to see their idols close-up. The scene was extremely dangerous, yet amazing at the same time.

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Credits: cna.com.tw + (English translation) SS5014ever @ quainte501.com
 SS501 ends their 3 day visit to Taiwan, tonight they’ll be leaving Taiwan, and heading for Hong Kong to hold their Asia Tour fan meeting. In the press conference held today afternoon, when they talked about memorable experiences in Taiwan, member Park Jung Min answered in Chinese, “Xiaolongbao!” Subsequently the 5 boys all expressed, Taiwan fans are really very enthusiastic.

Leader Kim Hyun Joong said, Korean star Lee Min Ho who had come to Taiwan before told him, not to be shocked by Taiwan fans, and this time he has really experienced the enthusiasm of Taiwan fans. With regards to them being surrounded by fans at the airport, and the 5 of them looking uneasy, Kim Hyun Joong specially apologised today.

During the press conference, host Wu Jian Heng arranged a test to see how the 5 members agreed with each other tacitly, the result was, Park Jung Min was chosen to be the person who forgets lyrics easily. With regards to the “love” from his members, Park Jung Min “expressed regret”, and say he won’t do it again in the future; Kim Hyun Joong got chosen as the person who doesn’t get out of bed easily, he said, in the past only when the phone rang 50 times when he was asleep would he be able to wake up, but now he only needs 5 rings, so there is an improvement.

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06/29 [news] Kim HyunJoong, special appearance in music video of ‘Best Friend’ Kim Joon’s solo
Credits : realtime yunye news + SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


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F4 comes together again. SS501’s Kim HyunJoong made a friendship appearance in T-Max Kim Joon’s first solo music video.

Kim Joon’s company Planet 905’s representative said on 29-Jun “The friendship between them continues even after the end of KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’, especially that Kim HyunJoong and Kim Joon are both members of idol groups so they have a lot in common in terms of music.”

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Credits: cna.com.tw + (English translation) SS5014ever @ quainte501.com

Korea’s popular boy idol group SS501 held their fan meeting today in Taipei, where they sung 6 songs, and used Chinese to say “Hello” to fans, leader Kim Hyun Joong also specially danced a sexy dance, causing fans to be extremely high.

SS501, who debut 4 years ago, held their first fan meeting in Taiwan, attracting almost 3200 fans, apart from Taiwan fans, many fans specially came over from Japan and Korea on chartered jets, just to see their idols. Apart from singing and dancing, fans were also allowed to ask questions, and the atmosphere was lively.

Kim Hyun Joong expressed, it’s very nervous being the first time we’re in Taiwan, but once he saw so many fans here, he felt it was great; member Kim Hyung Joon then expressed, when they passed by the venue yesterday, and saw so many fans camping and queuing outside, he felt very touched, so he’ll definitely give his all for today’s performance, and show the best to everyone.

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