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Posted on: May 25, 2009

Translation under the video..

Say things to make the members angry. The one who lose his temper will be punished.

**Brief translation**

MC: Hyun Joong appointed question.
MC: I’m so happy. Our head now looks so small compared to his.
MC: XX is being snatched by members. Start.
MC: Popularity was snatched by members
MC: Quick ask something
MC: Heart was being snatched by members
MC: Anti fans was snatched by members
YS: Sing parts in the song was snatched by members.
(Hyun Joong wouldn’t be provoked under normal circumstances)
MC: Seems there’s nothing that can make him angry.

Next JungMin
Appointed question: JungMin will be ok as Cul-Two (MC group) XX

MC: It’s ok for Cul-Two head to be bigger than yours.
MC: It’s ok for Cul-Two to be richer than you
MC: It’s ok for Cul-Two to take off our cap

Next Young Saeng
Appointed question: Willing to do XX just to be loved.

MC: Willing to go for sex change to be loved
MC: Young Saeng is transvestite
MC: Young Saeng means long live

Next KyuJong
Appointed question: I like XX more compared to my members

MC: KyuJong likes woman more compared to members
HJ: Likes drinking liquor more compared to members
MC: Likes money more compared to members
MC: Between members and money, you will choose money
HJ: Likes gambling more compared to members
HJ: He still have lots of debts
KJ: What they said just now is all what they like.
KJ: It’s their liking. Liquor, woman.
HgJ: Why is it woman for me?
MC: KyuJong have to be punished.

Next Hyung Joon
Appointed question: To be honest, I have the least XX in SS501

MC: Hyung Joon have the least popularity in SS501
KJ: Hyung Joon have the least pride in SS501, least charm
JM: To be honest, Hyung Joon is the most useless in SS501
HgJ: Ah, this is frustrating. You are much useless than me.
JM: The instant when he heard that. Popularity all that is not important.
KJ: You go there once more.
HJ: Do it again
MC: No pride, and no woman for the whole life.
HJ: Hyung Joon have no money
MC: Hyung Joon have no underwear. Always goes out without wearing any.
HJ&KJ: No thought, no brain
MC: Hyung Joon have the least armpit hair in SS501

Credits: reena29lim @ youtube.com

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