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(SS501) Leader is a dance machine

Posted on: May 17, 2009

hjlCredits : NATE + marinastory 

For the upcoming Asia Concert, leader will be a dance machine.

Recently SS501 flew to USA to attend the Korean Music Fest in Hollywood Bowl, yet, they also carried another mission which is to learn about dancing  in the Uncle Sam country. Though it was a short trip, yet, Kim Hyunjoong and the group’s dance crew were able to learn  few American dance styles.

DSP Media,” The soonest Hyunjoong and the rest of the team back in Korea, he was concentrating in the practice room”.

Through this recent trip, Kim Hyunjoong & the group’s dancing crew  were come up with  new dancing styles and choreography.

For the group upcoming Asia concert (South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan & Taiwan), SS501 is preparing new dancing choreography. Each concert will be featured new attraction which is meant to be a fan service.


Today, May 17,2009, SS501 hold a huge fanmeeting in TFT (Tokyo Fashion Town) Memorial Hall – Odaiba, Tokyo in related to the group’s 2nd Japanese album launching. The album ‘All My Love” itself will be publicly release on May 18,2009 in Japan. And, on the same date (May 18,2009) SS501 will be back to Korea and preparing for their upcoming ASIA concert tour.

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